Hear It Now: Starting Over Has Never Sounded So Cool with Bebe Rexha’s “Sweet Beginnings”

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New Yorker, Bebe Rexha is making waves on the music scene. Before becoming the rising star we know, she performed in musicals and even wrote the number one hit The Monster,” sung by Eminem and Rihanna in 2013. Bebe also performed  in the band Black Cards with famous Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz. At the age of 25, Rexha’s distinct sound can be heard in songs such as “Hey Mama,” with well known artists David Guetta and Nicki Minaj. Recently, Bebe Rexha released her debut EP in May, 2015 titled I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, which includes the new single “Sweet Beginnings.”

In “Sweet Beginnings,”Bebe expresses wanting to go back to her younger days, or “sweet beginnings.” The song alludes to a sort of disappointment, possibly within a relationship that maybe seemed like a good idea at first. Rexha sings, “I wanna go back to the sweet surrender of you,” which conveys the outlook that feelings can be deceiving; something you wanted so badly may not be what’s best for you. When first listening to “Sweet Beginnings,” the initial noticeable element is the instrumental that plays in the background, it connects very well with Rexha’s voice, which is comparable to Ellie Goulding’s mellow tone and high-pitched softness. The song is made up of many ironic metaphors, such as, “it’s like you’re allergic to your medication,” or “like a firehouse burning to the ground” that create melancholy undertones throughout the single. It’s an awesome song to workout to or even just jam out to on a sunny day.

Bebe Rexha has captivated the world with her wonderful talents and has covered many different aspects of the musical landscape.   She has quite a journey ahead of her and we will be on the watch!

Check out “Sweet Beginnings” below!

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Hear It Now: Double Down with Darwin Deez in “Kill Your Attitude”

darwin deez

Darwin Deez is a fun guy. Darwin Deez is also a fun band. Sound confusing? Frontman and guitarist Darwin Merwan Smith, who goes by Darwin Deez, clears up the confusion on his website with this entry: “One member at a time, Darwin Deez grew from a solo performance project to a full-on four-piece force for peace.” Try saying that five times fast. Deez stands not just for himself but also for the band.

Deez has put out two albums, a self-titled recording from 2010 and 2013’s “Songs for Imaginative People.” The first album includes simple songs that focus on his guitar. The latter uses more instruments and experimental rhythms. Over the course of these albums, the lineup has changed quite a bit. Currently, the band includes Deez, Greg Richardson, Andrew Hoepfner and Tim McCoy. These members are currently work on a third album, “Double Down,” and they have recently released their new single “Kill Your Attitude.”

“Kill Your Attitude” opens with Deez and his self-tuned, four-stringed guitar. When the drums and bass kick in, the song gains a dance beat. This isn’t surprising, considering the group’s penchant for dancing during their live shows where they often take dance breaks. They’ve even incorporated their dancing into their style. On the band’s biography on iTunes, they describe their dancing as “offbeat, Napoleon Dynamite-like dance routines.”

“Kill Your Attitude” shows strong improvements in Deez’s guitar playing. Like most of his songs off the first album, he opens with an irresistibly delightful riff. The rhythm continues throughout the song, accompanied well by the rest of the band. About two and a half minutes in, Deez goes into a great guitar solo. Unlike typical guitar solos, Deez’s solo has an amusing melody to it. The solo leads back into the riff from the beginning, which takes us to the end of the song.

The song’s subject takes a familiar course for Deez. “Deep Sea Divers” from his eponymous album covers a failing relationship where his partner weighs down on him and drags him down with her. The relationship in “Kill Your Attitude” has most likely failed given lyrics like “Know I’m still mad at you / And I know you’re still mad at me” and “It’s been a year since you were here.” He asks his partner to, as the title suggests, kill her attitude. He also tells her not to be a pain when her “batteries drain.”

In the past five years since the first album, Darwin Deez has developed significantly. Darwin Deez’s first album sounds like an indiepop version of The Strokes, whereas the second album ranges from sounding like Michael Jackson to Devo to a poetry slam. If “Kill Your Attitude” is any indication of what is to come, “Double Down” will not sound similar to anything except Darwin Deez.

Interested in more from Darwin Deez? Check the group out with the links below!

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Website: http://darwindeez.com

Hear it Now: It’s A Sizzling Summer with Katharine McPhee’s “Lick My Lips”

katharineMcphee                                                 Los Angeles native, Katharine McPhee was first introduced in 2005 on season 5 of American Idol. Although she did not win Idol, McPhee still had much success after her journey on the show. Her first single “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/My Destiny” peaked on Billboard’s Hot 100. Also, Katherine made her first onscreen appearance in the film The House Bunny in 2008. Katharine is also known as Karen Cartwright in the musical drama Smash. McPhee’s fourth album, Hysteria, will be released this summer.

When first listening to “Lick My Lips”, the beat feels like something straight from the 90’s, definitely a pop song. The variety of McPhee’s vocal range is displayed wonderfully throughout. The song is extremely catchy and would be perfect for any environment. The lyrics are very flirtatious, “Now let me see what’s underneath that hood… Gorgeous.” This hit definitely highlights Katharine’s beautiful voice and tone. The song fits perfectly into the the album, Hysteria.

I just know this song will blaze the charts, much like Katharine’s other work. She is back on the rise and there is no stopping this talented girl. Do not forget to check out Hysteria, which will be out soon!

For more information:

Website: http://katharinemcphee.net/lickmylips/

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VIDEO: Al Koleon (@KushWorldKoley) Takes to Hollywood for ‘Mary Jane’

Outfitt Music CEO Al Koleon takes to Hollywood for “Mary Jane,” the second
single from Al’s fothcoming project Cloud Surfing. The Nick Brazinsky
directed clip is a psychedelic trip into Tinsletown while Al weaves a
narrative worthy of Alice In Wonderland. Al’s “Cloud Surfing” arrives July
Follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/kushworldkoley

NY’s Buddy Lofton (@TasteTheSoupSR) Cruises ‘Broken Dreams BLVD’

We’ve all seen the girl or man of our dreams pass by us before and been too scared to say something. In his new video for “Broken Dreams Blvd,” Long Island rapper Buddy Lofton finds himself in the same spot. A summer night spent chilling on the stoop with his friends becomes out of the ordinary when an exceptionally beautiful girl goes jogging by. Buddy’s genius plan to get her attention? Throw a booming party that she won’t be able to pass up on. Though his plan works, things don’t exactly go according to plan. Sometimes the girl you need is right under your nose and you don’t even know it…


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