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Behind the Industry: Producer Ponomo Talks Label, Blog, and Accomplishments

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Breaking into the music industry isn’t an easy task to do. It takes hard work, dedication, and a plan to follow through. That’s all Ponomo needed to finally make his dreams of becoming a music producer and businessman come to life. Born in New York, but based in New Jersey, Ponomo had the opportunity to see what the music business life was like first hand. Not only does he produce amazing beats for upcoming hip hop artists, but he founded his own record label Conspiracy Music Group and music blog Dope Material.

With those outlets alone, Ponomo has help several artists in their career whether it was doing public relations, producing, or reviewing their projects. Ponomo has accomplished a lot such as becoming a member of the performance rights organization, BMI.  There’s more on his plate that has to be done, but right now he’s enjoying the recent success and letting everything sink in.

I got the chance to talked with Ponomo about his start in the business industry, what he has planned for Dope Material, and  misconceptions people may have about producers and the music industry.

How did you get into the music industry? How did your influences/education/connects get you further in your career?

Ponomo: My first job in the industry was a music producer. I went straight to what I wanted to do. No coffee runs for me. I wanted to get straight to business. (Laughs). There’s nothing wrong with getting your foot in to these labels and companies, but I wanted to get to business right away.

What got me further in my career is just my hunger and my passion. Ever since I made that first beat, I wanted to be the best producer on the planet. I’m not there yet so that’s why I keep pushing. When I get to the top. I’m still gonna push. It’s a nonstop grind.

Also, I would say negative experiences have pushed me further in my career. From failed projects, interviews I’ve done that never saw the light of day, going long periods of time without a project, etc have pushed me further. This business is frustrating, but I took all those frustrations and kept going. I could of quit a long time ago but now I’m here and everything is going smoothly.

Not only are you a producer, but you’re the founder of Conspiracy Music Group. How did that come about? Where do you see your business in the next two-three years?

Ponomo: It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. When I was a youngster listening to and following hip-hop, I always said I wanted a Def Jam, a Roc-A-Fella, etc. When I became a producer, I decided to bring the label dreams into a reality. I see this label having a very popular artist in the near future and hopefully have a distribution deal with any of the big boys like Interscope, Universal, Sony etc.

You are an great outlet to the hip hop community with your blog, Dope Material. What was your vision for Dope Material and how have you helped rising hip hop artists today?

Ponomo: Thanks for the compliment. My vision for DMM was to give an outlet for up and coming artists to showcase their music. I also wanted an outlet to share with the world the things I have passion in like music, fashion, sports, tech etc and share it in a way that no other online mag/blog has done before.

Not only have I helped artists showcase their music, I believe I have helped artists, pr reps and companies network with other artists, pr reps and companies. Not too long ago, I saw a PR rep that I work with connect with an artist that I work with and that made me feel good.

I’m also benefiting from this. I made a lot of connections with the people that submit material to me. I’m working on projects with some of those people. It feels great.

What are some misconceptions people may have about producers and the music industry?

Ponomo: One misconception I see that people have about a producer is that they have no time for an artist and that they want to work with established acts ONLY. That’s so far from the truth. I have time for my artists! I never leave anyone hanging. I reply to every email, I always carry out whatever I promise and if it’s something I can’t do, I let the person know in a timely manner. As for only working with established artists, that’s not true. I’ve worked with rappers that wrote their first rhymes after connecting with me. I’ve worked with artists that I had to send to vocal training classes. I work with anybody that wants to work with me. If I’m going to wait for only an established artist, it’s going to be a long wait (laughs).

As for the music business as a whole, the misconception that I hear is that we don’t work together and we don’t look out for each other. You have some isolated incidents of that but for the most part, we help each other out. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have features on albums, street teams, DJ’s spinning records, etc. If we didn’t work together, we would have albums of just lyrics and no beats, albums with beats and no lyrics, artists directing their own videos, etc.(Laughs).

Name some of your accomplishments so far in 2014.

Ponomo: I’ve seen my work ethic get even stronger this year and that alone is an achievement! Dope Material Magazine is an ongoing achievement. Each submission that lands in my inbox is an achievement. I really do appreciate people sending me their material. On top of that, this year I finally joined the performance rights organization, BMI. They pretty much handle payments of royalties. I should of done this before, but thankfully I finally did it.

I completed two music related courses from Berklee College Of Music. In this industry you always have to keep learning. I learned a lot from those courses and to have those plaques in my crib feels great. I’ve done a few projects with some upcoming artists and I got one in the works right now and when that drops…oh boy!

On a busy day, describe how your day goes from start to finish.

Ponomo: It starts with making beats, hitting the studio, listening to submissions, looking for material for the mag, writing articles, checking Twitter and Instagram, responding to emails and always seeking out the next move.

Weekends, I’m at shows, meeting with artists, industry events and some me time! I love going to football, baseball and soccer games, hitting the mall, going out to eat and a little partying. Even when I’m partying, I’m working. I always give out my business card. (Laughs).

Anything else you would like to share with Limerence’s readers?

Ponomo: Just stay tuned! To keep abreast of everything Ponomo, hit up my website. Make sure you have my magazine Dope Material in your browser’s bookmarks. I appreciate ya’ll for conducting the interview and for your support. Thanks to the readers of your mag for checking the interview out.

Shoutouts to everyone that support Ponomo and Dope Material Magazine. From family, friends, associates, people I work with and everyone that reads every article I write…Thank you!

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Hear It Now: “Old Me” by Jaywin Strikes a Chord


Prepare yourself to be blown away. There’s an up-and-coming star in the hip hop scene. Meet Jaywin, the Brooklyn native that’s going to be taking the world by storm. The young songwriter, rapper and producer has released a new jaw-dropping single from his soon to be released mixtape Dreaming of a Dream. The mixtape will be coming your way in 2015. Till then, Jaywin has released this single to give us a tantalizing taste of what we can look forward to. “Old Me” is an ode to all those people who have been done wrong in their past relationships whether it was with family, lovers or friends.

“Old Me” resembles a classic hip hop vibe with an absolute audio tapestry of beats, melodies and harmonies. The layers of rhythms and harmonies create an incredible landscape of sound that keeps the listener fascinated. The track features Jaywin, Rohan da Great and Rah- L. The construction of the song allows the talents of all three artists to shine through.  The track itself is a multi-layered digital masterpiece.

The lyrics within the track are down to earth and heavy hitting. “They say watch your enemies/ but watch your friends more closely,” Jaywin raps. The message of the track is clear and straightforward. They focus on the reality of dealing with unreliable people. The song also focuses on a movement back to the “old me” and focuses on a return to the old life and the “real me.”

This track could be branded as one of the ultimate anthems about staying true to yourself, getting over those who have hurt you and moving on with life.  Listen to it here:

For more information on Jaywin, visit:





Hear it Now: Asha Sing’s “Satellite” Is Out of This World


We’re “Burnin’, burnin’,” for Asha Sing’s new track “Satellite.” This now Miami-based songstress has an extensive musical background and is working to unite Bollywood and Hollywood. Though American-born, Asha was raised with a heavy influence from her Desi heritage.

Asha is no stranger to musical success., Her first single “Mercy” debuted at #7 on Billboard’s Hot Single Sales Chart and has received over 500,00 Vevo views on its accompanying video. Her song has also been featured on MTV’s show “Washington Heights” and VH1’s “Hit the Floor.”

This track pulls together eighties-esque pop with electronic influence. “Satellite” is an intensely fun dance track that can add color to even the grayest winter days. This song is clearly about two star-crossed lovers who brighten each other’s worlds, just like “Satellites.” The melodic, fast-paced beat is perfectly accompanied by the equally light-hearted lyrics. The chorus is what especially draws the listener in and commands their attention.

We certainly hope to hear more from Asha Sing. According to her official website, this fall, Asha will embark on her “Be Unique Tour” where she will travel to South Florida middle and high schools sharing her story and inspiring young minds to go after their dreams. Listen to “Satellite” now!

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Hear It Now: Andrew Ripp’s classic piano pop jam “When You Fall in Love”


As fast as music is progressing through an era dominated by alternative rock and electronic music – and all the sub-genres in between – it’s important to step back and appreciate how far music has come from being completely unplugged.

While Andrew Ripp possesses a progressive brand of creativity and songwriting skills all his own, his latest release is a refreshing reminder of how beautiful only a few instruments sound together.

The outer Chicago native burst on to the scene back in 2008 with his debut album Fifty Miles to Chicago. But even before that, Ripp had received national attention for his songwriting with various artists such as Ryan Cabrera. Some of the products reached chart-topping status according to Billboard, among several other charts. Perhaps the most consistent feature of Ripp’s songwriting career is how his style has expanded to attract a wide range of fans and music lovers, so maybe it won’t have any affect on his rising recognition if he goes back to the basics for 3 minutes and 41 seconds of generic beauty.

“When You Fall In Love”, off the album Simple, follows a traditional pop instrument arrangement dominated by piano with an undertone carried by a strings section. With bits of high piano ornamentation and a balanced strings pattern, the track is enjoyable to the ears and flows nicely throughout. There’s nothing flashy, then again music doesn’t necessarily have to always be about progressing. The lyrics carry a momentum of their own. While the type of song is as generic as it gets with being about love, that shifts the focus from the vocal melody to the story that’s being told; just as catchy as it is smooth flowing, but more importantly carried by a non-distracting instrumental. Ripp expresses his own experiences with love in the brand of lyricism he used – an element of open-mindedness and how a simple lyrical theme can completely control the flow of the entire song in the hands of the lyrics themselves. Listen to it now!

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Hear it Now: We Love Hearing Ozonna’s “We Glow”

Ozonna a4975ae33e7e9a431911355f556a56af33f5c8fe

The newest British invasion to hit the US since the Beatles, Ozonna carries a certain charisma and pulls you in with his new hit song “We Glow.” One of the UK’s hottest new artists, he is fast becoming one of the most unique artists in the industry. With his new song “We Glow,” it’s clear that he isn’t afraid to tell how he feels in song.

By looking at his biography, you can see that he’s identified by his unique sound. He’s only 19, but outstanding and happy to further his label. Ozonna is finally getting noticed thanks to his music and identity, making him an easy candidate for music awards and recognition. In an indication of how he relates to his fans,  he’s a natural onstage and there’s no telling who he would include in his music.

His hit single “We Glow,” is fresh and charming rather than the same old same old. There’s immense potential to this track. His music is great and could be based on anyone’s life. His other songs are a fresh appointment to the blueprint of what is well rounded and more involved in Ozonna’s plan, to rock you and make you feel clean with his energetic sounds and harmonies.

His descriptions in “We Glow,” leave you empowered and give you a high that you can’t get down from. You can even check out youtube and see for yourself what is not to love about Ozonna. The track is fun and carefree. A new sound emerges that makes you think vintage and pure. While the pop influence in his music is very easy to hear, he lends the track a style all his own that makes you want to dance and relax to it at the same time. The complex rhythms backing layered harmonies leave you a little lightheaded with the rush of euphoria the sounds brings. His music is completely impressive and his song “We Glow,” which clearly is defiant, keeps his fans on their toes. This song ranks on top of one of the best in the high powered- contemporary electro pop music. Listen to “We Glow” below!

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