WATCH IT NOW: Baby A releases his newest video, ‘Come Home':

Denver’s own Baby A gifts us with the music video Come Home. The track is the first visual offering from his latest project, The Dispensary Vol. 2. Watch it below on his official VEVO channel:

HEAR IT NOW: DJG releases his latest single, “Paid In Full”:

DJG’s been on a hot streak all summer and shows no signs of slowing down. His latest effort finds him teaming with longtime collaborator Beadz for a new single, “Paid In Full,” just in time to kick off the fall. “Paid in Full” serves as the third single from his forthcoming “Stuck In My Ways” project and boasts a memorable call and response chorus that’ll appeal to blue collar workers and hustlers. Be on the lookout for “Stuck In My Ways,” coming later this Fall.

Steve Cantrell – The EP Tape Demo Project

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Another mixtape has been released and it is guaranteed to make you alter the way you think in a positive form. I am talking about the latest project to come from the Albany, Georgia MC Steven Cantrell.

Steve Cantrell title his latest work The EP Tape Demo Project, a name that let’s you know exactly what you are getting when listening to this mixtape. It a no nonsense title that reflects the blunt, barebones approach Cantrell has with his music. This unsigned rapper has still been making waves in the music world with his buzzworthy tracks without having a solo project for the past three years until now.

The soon to be most recognizable track off this project is “Willie Mays”. This song, which is covered in playful violin, takes the mixtape into a commanding momentum. The momentum this song is great and it makes sense why it is in the middle of the mixtape. From this track he has drawn some comparisons with J. Cole because of his tone within his delivery and flow. Even though it might sound like a J. Cole song you can easily tell the difference with Cantrell’s own unique rhyming abilities that are all his own.

Another standout track from this mixtape is “Like Father, Like Son” which features a verse from 6LACK. On this song Cantrell shows off his seemingly effortless lyrical skills. The chorus sounds like something straight out of a 90s Outkast song to give it a funky edge that is delivered from East Atlanta’s 6LACK. The funky edge is what gives this deep song a bouncy quality that does not preach too much at the audience.

As “Like Father, Like Son” fades out from the speaker the cherry on top of this musical sundae is added with the final song called “Deliver This Message (Outro)”. This last track gives the audience something to resonant within their minds with a strong and powerful message.

This is what Cantrell during the entirety of this tape tries to do, alter the minds of people to more open and positive thinking. It is a feel good song that really makes you think about some of the horrors that are going on in this world and what we can do to be aware to make this a better world for the rest of us.

Other tracks that stick out on this mixtape are “Lied to You” and “DGAF”. Steve Cantrell proves that three years was worth the wait with this mixtape and let’s hope we don’t have to wait that long for his next project.


Dreezy – Call It What You Want Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 2.05.32 PMDreezy first grabbed the attention of the music world when she dropped her remix of the Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb “Chi-raq”, back in April of 2014. Since then the Chicago rapper has putting out attention-getting tracks via her Soundcloud page and recently she just put out a mixtape called Call It What You Want.

This 5-track tape shows Dreezy’s range as an artist with the help of good production and great features. The musicians that are featured on this EP are Teyana Taylor and K-Camp. The list of talented producers that helped to make this project include D Brooks, 808 Mafia, Nick Smith, and Earl E. The mixtape shows Dreezy’s continued growth as an artist when compared to her first mixtape Schizo. Her first mixtape impressed many critics and fans and this second one is sure to show them it was not a fluke.

Dreezy, who earned the nickname “Princess of Chicago Rap” from critics, shows why it is a deserving name throughout the mixtape. Especially when it comes to the first track “Real” which is produced by Earl E. This track comes off as a traditional R&B song but quickly changes into something more unique with the help of production quality from Earl E. The song features a smooth and sultry electric guitar riff that grabs the listener’s attention, the beat pulls everything together to play off of Dreezy’s melodic lyrics.

Another stand out track off this mixtape is “Ain’t Rocking With You”, a stacked line-up accompanies Dreezy to steal the show of the mixtape. The line-up includes a featured verse by K-Camp and a beat produced by 808 Mafia. On this track Dreezy shows off her lyrical skills with dropping great lines in her chorus and verses sure to have anyone remembering them for time to come. The addition of the big names, K-Camp and 808 Mafia, solidifies that this track is not one to be skipped over and neither is Dreezy.

Toward the end of the track lists comes a great R&B track that features Teyana Taylor called “How I’m Coming”. Dreezy and Teyana put it all on the line with their talent and for their lovers on this great jam.

The buzz after her first mixtape will sure be able to continue if she keeps creating music that maintains her momentum to a concrete place in music. It sure will be interesting once she makes an actual album.

An Interview with the Electropop Queen, Julietta

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Julietta boasts the sound of an electropop mastermind. Along with impressive rhythmic beats, she exhibits a talented voice. Her voice moves beautifully along with the beats behind her. At the same time, she throws vulnerability, honesty, and soul into her singing. For example, her new track, “Goosebumps,” demonstrates the soul in her voice during the chorus and when the music dies down at the end.
Julietta also brings in a lot of honesty into her music. Her entire EP Conquest demonstrates some form of failed relationship.

“Goosebumps” specifically refers to being shut out by someone. She sings, “I’ve got goosebumps on my skin / ‘Cause it’s so cold and you won’t let me in.” The chorus starts “I know you / You don’t know me / That’s just the way that you would want me to be,” showing this person did not care for her the way she cared for the person.
Reigning from New York City, Julietta adds to the immense talent located over 300 square miles of land. In the interview below, she talks to us about the effect the city has had on her, as well as many other things including her new EP Conquest, neon signs, and working with fellow artist, Stray Echo.
Congratulations on the release of Conquest! First of all, how long have you been involved with and working on music?

Julietta: Thank you so much, I’m super happy to have Conquest finally out. I have been involved with music my whole life, its been an outlet for me to express myself since I was very young. I’ve been working on the Julietta project since I graduated from Emerson College in 2014. I studied Marketing Communications and minored in Journalism, but I got the courage to go into the music business and never looked back – its the only way I can be happy.

What artist has had the biggest impact on you?

Julietta: There are a couple of artists that have had a big impact on me, the ones that currently hold on to me are Banks, London Grammar, and Little Dragon.

Outside of the realm of music, what other piece of art (novel, movie, etc.) has had a great effect on your life?

Julietta: I love exploring the museums and galleries in New York City. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many different cultures and perspectives, I definitely take advantage and explore at least once a week. You’ll find me often at the galleries around Manhattan – I really enjoy stumbling into a showing that takes me by surprise, I try to absorb as much visual inspiration I can for future shoots and performances.

I perused your social media accounts and one thing became abundantly clear: You love neon signs. When did that affection start?

Julietta: Yes I do love neon signs. In New York City neon signs are super common for businesses all over the streets – I have grown up around them. There’s a certain eeriness in the neon signs at night, it draws me to them. They are to me what bright light zapper devices are to fly’s haha. I love taking photos of people next to them, it gives off a very seductive light.

Neon aside, things have really picked up for you recently. What’s it like to have all this attention suddenly?

Julietta: I see it as “awesome my music is vibing with people, and I can continue to create and put more content out there that will draw more people to my journey – I can dream for a living :) “. Knowing that I can continue to pursue my biggest happiness in life makes me the most grateful I’ve ever been.

What has been the biggest moment thus far?

Julietta: The biggest moment has been meeting some of the most talented people along this process, and being fortunate enough to collaborate with the talent.

You collaborated with Stray Echo on this extremely personal EP. Did you find it difficult to work with someone on something so close to you?

Julietta: Not at all, if anything it helped me. When you get really personal in your writing, sometimes its hard to let the pain flow back into your present conscience – you fear feeling that stab that once made you fall, allowing painful memories to exist again. But, with Stray Echo I had a friend to talk to. He would ask me questions and the stories came out organically, as if I was talking to one of my girl friends. And then from there we would write the songs.

How did everything come together with Vitalic Noise?

Julietta: It’s actually a really funny story… Goosebumps was the first song I released under Julietta with Stray Echo about a year or more ago. It was a different version of the song, produced by a different producer. I was super new to the music world and just put Goosebumps out to see what the reactions from the public would be. One day after a writing session with Stray Echo at his studio in Williamsburg, I was hanging out waiting for the L train at the Bedford stop.

As usual, there was a woman tripping on life dancing on the platform quite daringly – making a bit of a scene to say the least. This guy came up to me, and in an Aussie accent said “does this always happen in New York?”. I usually wouldn’t answer (I avoid awkward small talk), but he was Australian and I have always thought that they are born super friendly and nice. He then asked me what I was up to in Williamsburg and I told him I was just writing and recording with my manager and co-writer. Coincidentally enough, he runs a radio station in Australia thats part of Triple J. He ended up placing Goosebumps on the radio and then Vitalic found me.

Vitalic Noise uploaded some remixes of your work. As a musician, what’s it like to see someone else work with your music?

Julietta: Refreshing. When it’s an original I pay attention to every minor detail – make sure it’s perfect to my liking. When its a remix you kind of just sit back and enjoy not being a perfectionist, it’s the way others view your work. It’s like a vacation.

Finally, playlists have become rather thematic—such as a playlist entitled “Love Songs” or “Chill Music.” What kind of playlists would you put a song like “Goosebumps” under?

Julietta: Definitely my go-to playlist “ErryDay”.

For more information on Julietta:



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