The Husel lights Up the Club with “Yeauh”


The Husel is stepping onto the music scene with his club banger, “Yeauh,” which dropped on March 5.

The Husel has big plans for the future, as he announced an upcoming EP to be released March 31 with three songs from his mixtape, live versions of his music, videos and two bonus tracks. In addition to the EP, Husel announced a full album of material, called Husel Music to be released May 5.

So what does The Husel have to offer? Adding a touch of soul to hip-hop, in the form of “Yeauh.” The new single is based off of a glittering synth riff and light taps of a star drum. The synth is used again to add a heavy bass to the back of the song making it prime for a sports arena. Husel’s lyrics are inviting as he busts through with “talking bout’ every night, we don’t take breaks out this hustle life/We just out here tryna eat, and keep on these lights.”

The Husel’s also looking for the ladies, but no one to waste his time on. He’s asking if the girls are “tryin’ to get that work or no, let me know/I’m just tryin’ feel how you work the call.” He’s not disrespecting the ladies, just looking for a queen to his kingdom.

But as the song passes the two-minute mark, The Husel lightens up the synth sound for a completely different closing verse. He diverts his attention to the fine girls in the room and wanting to take them home. The Husel’s sound, which is described as Urban New Age, fuses hip hop, club ready freedom with a touch of electronic. He wants to create the ultimate entertainer, a performer with a sound for everyone.

“Yeauh,” is the warm-up, the taste test of what The Husel has in store for the music industry. He’s stated in interviews that he wants to make music for the people, and he seems to think that the people are ready to party. If The Husel is on the microphone, the party is in full effect.

Connect With The Husel:

Website: www.thehusel.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thehusel

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thehusel

Twitter: www.twitter.com/thehusel

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thehusel

Limerence.Infectious PhotoshopContest-2


See dozens of the best indie, alternative, electronica and punk bands this summer at the Vans Warped Tour – and you could go FOR FREE!

Limerence.Infectious PhotoshopContest-2

We’re partnering up with the guys over at Infectious Magazine to make for one killer summer. All you have to do is Photoshop yourself hanging out with your favorite indie band, on stage, backstage, at a waterpark, a restaurant, whatever! Have fun, be creative, and go crazy. When you’re done, post your pic on your Instagram account.

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Jennifair black and white

Interview: Hip Hop Artist Jennifair Talks “Lauryn Hill,” Goals and Chicago

Jennifair black and white

Attention music world, there’s a new artist in town and her name is Jennifair. The young Chicago native doesn’t have time to keep up with trends; she’s too busy making up her own. Walking to the beat of her own drum, she has an infusion of midwest-east side swag, now since she resides in New York. Living in two different musical cities, Jennifair has the best of both worlds.

As she takes her journey through her career, growing and learning with each opportunity given to her, she’s ambitious enough to make a name for herself. Does she have what it takes to make it in this music business? Of course she does! With faith, confident and a strong support system, Jennifair is a winner.

I got a chance to chat with Jennifair about her recent single, “Lauryn Hill,” her upcoming plans and goals and some lessons she has learned in her career. Read the interview below!

As a new artist coming onto the scene, what image do you want to portray?

Jennifair: I want to be just an artist. I don’t want too much emphasis on my sexuality or my gender. That’s not what’s important. I am not going to hide my sexuality. I am openly gay and I am fine with that, but when that gets in the way of my career or making music, then it is a problem. I don’t want to be label as a “female artist” or a “lesbian artist.” Even though I have a [fanbase] in the [LGBT] community, I want to touch everyone with my music, in different areas and communities.

Talk about your upbringing and how you discovered hip hop. 

Jennifair: I grew up in the south side of Chicago. I grew up listening to different genres of music. I heard the Motown songs due to my mother playing it. I didn’t jump into the hip hop scene until I got into high school. I’ve been singing all of my life, but hip hop and its culture caught my attention. I listened to Lauryn Hill, Kanye West and Emimen. Eminem is one of my favorite hip hop artists. I like all genres; it’s sort of like a melting pot.

Speaking of Lauryn Hill, you named your single after her. What is that and what does the song represent?

Jennifair: I have the Miiseducation of Lauryn Hill album. i love her lyricism and her vocals. I love everything about her and I think she is one of the most talented artists that I’ve ever listened to. The song “Lauryn Hill” is not so much a tribute to her. Since she was such a great artist, it just really shows how much I miss music with substance in it and made you feel the music. Music with meaning behind it and powerful. So I was inspired and wanted to achieve that in my single.

Every artist has an unique recording process. What normally come first for you, the beat or the lyrics?

Jennifair: Sometimes it is the beat. Most of the time, the lyrics come first. I’m writing all the time. I can be on the train or going to work or just sitting in the house and lyrics will just come to me. I have tons of notes in my phone. When my producer sends me a beat and a concept, I’ll write the lyrics to that. Each song process is different, so it switches up.

So, what’s next for you? What do you have planned?

Jennifair: Well…I just got word that I’m a part of the “No Boys Allowed” tour. Thats in the next couple of months. I’m excited about that. I’m working on my project Sorry. I’m Not Sorry. I’ve been working on that for a while now. Also the second single, “Crack” is coming next. I’m just getting everything in order. I performed that song live and it’s getting a lot love.

How would you say that the music scenes in Chicago and New York are different?

Jennifair: Since I moved to New York last year, I instantly saw the difference. Being from Chicago, music is different here in Brooklyn, especially in clubs. The Chicago clubs play more drill music than anything. You might hear some mainstream. When I go to clubs in New York, they are still playing Nas and Biggie, pure hip hop. Here and there, they play mainstream stuff too and some reggae.

What are some goals you would like to set?

Jennifair: I am looking to make an impact in the industry. I want to drop an album and become more known locally. Overall, I want to be a better person and artist.

What are some lessons you have learned while being in this industry?
Jennifair: Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen. I believe that. Everything I want to give up, something comes through for me. So I have patience now. It’s funny that I learned to be patience here in New York, which is very fast and impatience. But I think I’m stronger now. I am more in tune with myself. I am just keep positive on everything.

Get connected:

Website: iamjennifair.com

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/jennifair/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/iamjennifair


Interview: Artist on the Rise Gayle Skidmore

It’s one thing to be able to play one, two, or even three instruments and write your own music. It’s a whole other thing to have adapted and succeeded in playing over 20 instruments and have written 2,000 songs of your own. Also throw in never having experienced writer’s block. This all adds up to be one incredible indie folk artist, and her name is Gayle Skidmore.

The San Diego native began her music career by playing the piano. Gayle was introduced at the age of 4, and she took off from there. The indie folk singer has certainly been successful so far in her career, opening for artists such as Jason Mraz, Sam Phillips, Lisa Loeb, and many others.

I was able to snag an interview with Gayle, where I learned about her inspirations, her favorite instruments, and even the cookies she likes to bake. Check it out!

What drew your attention to the piano at such a young age? (the age of 4)

My family got me into it, and I fell in love. I came from a very musical family, me and my older sisters played. After that, I took lessons 10 years consistently. I’ve always heard music in my head.

Wow, writing over 2,000 songs is incredible. How did you manage to start that up at the age of 8?

It’s something I’ve always done. I began recording at the age of 5. When I was 8 my uncle died, so I started writing about that. I would try to write everything out as a song, and because of piano I was able write out the melody.

What are some major changes you’ve seen in your song writing and music ability since that time?

I try to change it up all the time. While working at a jingle house, I had great writing chemistry with the producer. They inspired me to study other genres- indie rock, classical, and such. It is a totally different process when writing for a commercial. It helped me break out into other genres. I have obviously grown and matured as well, and work with great producers and writers.

How did you get into playing so many unique instruments?

I’ve always wanted to try new instruments. I played the flute in middle school. My dad played guitar, so I taught myself how to play. But, the piano helped me pick up playing other instruments. The banjo was easy to pick up, it was like playing the guitar. My favorite is probably the mountain dulcimer. It’s just so pretty, and I love the idea of the instrument; it’s very singer songwriter-y. It’s very different from other instruments, just by the way it’s played and held. It’s very soft sounding and fun to sing to.

Your background write up says that you’ve never experienced writer’s block. Can you explain this further?

I think in song form a lot. I’ll be walking around and realize I’ve been humming a song for 20 minutes. I also write a bunch of songs that I don’t like at all. I take breaks purposely from song writing. I feel like I could write every day and I get overwhelmed. I don’t know what it’s like for other writers, but I have a lot of inspiration and a lot of dramatic things that have happened to help me write songs.

What was it like being recognized at such a high level for Germany’s newspaper, the Seuddeutsche Zeitung?

It was amazing. I had such a fun tour. It was very “do it yourself.” It was amazing that they choose to interview me a, nd do a section of me. It wasn’t the biggest show I’ve ever done but it waws one of the best. I got 3 or 4 encores, so I have nothing but positive memories.

What do you have in the works for the upcoming 2015?

I’ll be signing to a label in March-April, I’m very excited.  I’m also releasing a song with NINKASI, a brewery in Oregon funded by beer. It’s an amazing company. I participate in a music festival there every fall.  I’m still working on recording another full length album. Also I am working on 4 different side projects, and hopefully releasing some of that too.

As a side fun fact, what are your favorite cookies to bake?

Chocolate caramel chip cookies. I grew baking with my mom, and I have a major sweet tooth.

Check out Gayle’s songs, “Rag Doll” here.

For more information about Gayle, visit:

Website: http://gayleskidmore.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GayleSkidmoreMusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gayleskidmore


HEAR IT NOW: Reach “This Side of Paradise” with Hayley Kiyoko’s New Single


23-year-old Hayley Kiyoko has come a long way from being a TV starlet. This American actress turned singer-songwriter may be best known for playing Velma Dinkley in Scooby-Doo: The Mystery Begins or Stella Yamada in Disney Channel’s Lemonade Mouth, but Kiyoko’s acting career has not stopped her from breaking onto the music scene.

According to her official site, Kiyoko has always been passionate about music. She pounded away at the drums at the ripe age of five and later pursued guitar and bass. After a brief stint in the all-female group The Stunners, Kiyoko left to cultivate her own musical influences and range. She used that time to perfect her now unique sound. The songstress perfectly sums up her pop-like style by stating, “There are electronic elements in what I do, but it’s organic and live at the same time. I aimed to find a happy medium.”

“This Side of Paradise,” her latest single off her debut EP of the same name, is nothing short of remarkable. The song delves deep into emotion and explores the blissful paradise that she holds inside of her imagination. In her own words, “I’ve got better luck in my head.” Kiyoko draws on the idea that things aren’t as perfect on the other side, the reality outside herself. In reference to her EP, Kiyoko says, “’This Side of Paradise’ is this safe zone. It’s a place to dream and fantasize and make yourself feel fulfilled.”

The accompanying video for “This Side of Paradise” pairs perfectly with the melodic tune. The video flip-flops between Kiyoko in vibrant, outdoor spaces and encased behind shadowy, water-stained windows. The video aims to highlight the dimensions between Kiyoko’s vivid imagination and the harsh reality of the true surroundings.

Throughout the EP, her sound is a clever mix of light electronic with a classic pop influence. There is certainly an airy and light effect throughout the songs with an overall upbeat tempo. Kiyoko packs her songs with personal meaning and offers a relatable space for her loyal listeners.

Kiyoko’s This Side of Paradise is available for purchase on iTunes and for streaming on YouTube and Soundcloud. You can also catch her on tour–check her website for dates and locations.

For more information on Hayley Kiyoko, visit:

Website: http://www.hayleykiyokoofficial.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hayleykiyoko

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/hayleykiyoko

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hayleykiyoko/

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