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Hear It Now: DeAndre Wright- “Love Thing”

“I take off my make-up and I see you in the glass/ Trying to erase memories of you and be a ghost from my past.” These are the opening lines of DeAndre Wright’s R&B and Pop blended ballad, “Love Thing.”


DeAndre Wright, the sultry soulful singer is serving the hardships of scorned love in this ballad. Although, at first “Love Thing” may sound a bit cliché but the song transforms into a prefect break up song. The tune reminds you of an early Rihanna meeting Taylor Swift at a cross roads.

“Rip up your picture, so my heart could fast/ When they mention your name I am haunted by our past (What have you done to me)/ This hurt can’t last forever, when will the healing start.” Wright puts out raw emotion and feeling which is embedded within her song lyrics. The lyrics are the heart of the song, pulling the listener in because we all have that experience of a “Love Thing” gone badly. The best line of the song: “We abandoned our love thing/ We were the best of friends but neither of could bend/ Will bend.” DeAndre has the potential to be one of the heavy hitters in music. Give her song a try and check out her “Love Thing.”

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Hear It Now: Michael Gadiva’s “Bad Girls”


Michael Gadiva is making a name for herself in the rap and hip hop scene. The incredibly talented, confident new artist is shaking things up with her very unique sound. Gadiva is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native. She was raised in a musically talented home where her gifts and talents were encouraged. At 7 years old, she began rapping and hasn’t looked back. She’s currently working on her debut album, which is set to be released soon.

“Bad Girls” will be featured on Gadiva’s debut EP. The track is a direct injection of confidence and feminine power. The unapologetic lyrics and sound serve as a solid reminder that every woman has the right to be confident in what they can do. The strength in Gadiva’s delivery comes through in every line of her new single.

The track itself is toned down, but full of powerful energy. The beat is the driving force behind Gadiva’s independent, bold lyrics. The whole track carries a feeling of immense, unconstrained strength. The lyrics are affirming to any no-nonsense, hard working woman. Her lines like, “If it ain’t you, then you need not apply” make it clear that the women Gadiva is talking about have no time or inclination to deal with standard foolishness. The edgy, raw, straightforward lyrics will appeal to any independent woman. This is definitely a track for the women in control of themselves and their lives. It’s a very solid reminder that “bad girls do it well” and should be thoroughly proud of that fact. Old and new listeners alike will be astounded by the power in Gadiva’s sound and lyrics. This is a track for the ages and if it’s any prediction of what the EP will be like, we can’t wait to hear it!

Listen to the track here:

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Instagram: @michaelgadiva

Twitter: @MichaelGadiva

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INDIE ON THE BEACH: Chase Coy introduces Sun Culture, debut self-titled LP


Nashville may seem like quite a long way from an ocean, but a familiar name under the title Sun Culture may be on their way to creating their own splash in the sphere of indie music.

Recently, the indie project released its debut self-titled, eight track album. The indie-electronic sound is similar to that of UK rock bands The 1975 and Little Comets, as well as American bands Grouplove and Passion Pit. The project was created by singer/songwriter and producer Chase Coy after his decision to leave Universal Records. A particularly outstanding element is the melodic flanger effect which is present in almost every song (similar to Jack Johnson’s album To the Sea), acting as not only a defining element but one that really binds the entire album together. The overall influence of the album is very summer-like and feel-good (for lack of a better pair of sound descriptions) and is complimentary to the songwriting style of Chase Coy, but also gives Sun Culture a sound of its own.

Self-titled albums are always interesting because they definitely add a bit of mystery as far as the artist’s self image is concerned. This isn’t to say that Sun Culture doesn’t have a direction in which Chase wants this album to take him because he already has his own image. However, it offers an opportunity for the listener – to draw comparisons to other artists rather than interpret (or misinterpret) the meaning of or behind an album title – shifting the focus significantly more on listening to the music rather than trying to figure out the artists we idolize so much. All that being said, it is clear the sound doesn’t have one single root of influence. His music carries an alternative indie vibe with a folk twist throughout the album and has the capability of taking any appreciator of music on a journey of imagery. Then again, conceptual music is nothing new for Chase.

Stream Sun Culture’s debut full-length album on Soundcloud:

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BREAKING BAD FOR GOOD: Sibling duet This Boy That Girl drop debut release


To be a successful musician in one of the countries largest music communities, California-based artists have to be more intriguing and fresher than their counterparts. While they grow as a community, they also must grow individually. That being said, This Boy That Girl may have a sibling advantage over the rest of the competition.

Cali-based pop hip hop duo Alec and Becca King, products of Big Dream Records, have that advantage; with it comes a collaborative songwriting style similar to that of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, as well as Rihanna and Eminem. The two are also active in supporting organizations that matter to them rather than what’s popular, such as anti-bullying campaigns. Recently, they performed on an anti-bullying tour “Music is my Language,” a 20-city trip run by Champions Against Bullying.

It seemed that the respective sounds of Becca and Alec King evolved track by track throughout their debut EP Breaking Bad, which just dropped this summer. The hybrid comparison to their general sound is Rihanna and Hoodie Allen. However, what separates the two Kings as artists from musicians is their ability to grasp the energy of the song and adjust their vocal styles to compliment the overall sound. The first two songs “Sweet Life” and “Turn the Night Down” have an outgoing, party-like feel to them, which is nothing new in the pop world. Some of the same electronic elements are used throughout the EP, though they aren’t as defining as some of the elements that make this work special.

For example, in “Music Is My Language”, the chorus has a similar feel to Taylor Swift’s platinum hit “I Knew You Were Trouble”. This song, however, isn’t about a breakup or partying; it’s a no-miss song about a love for music. Becca sounds most like Rihanna here, but the way she splits the chorus with Alec through the first two vocal parts before rejoining for the hook compliments the great energy generated from the production alone – a result only a special kind of collaborative style can create.

All in all, a very strong release from start to finish, and it’ll be exciting to hear what the King duo stirs up next. Check out their new video “Sweet Life” from their new EP!

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Interview: Five Questions for Soul-Pop Singer Emily Katter

unnamed-2Emily Katter is a talented NYC artist whose recently released single, “Comfortable” is a stunning ballad that is sure to propel her to the pop elite. Backed by an impressive production team and an honest, humble personality, Emily is an artist worth getting to know. She recently sat down and talked to us about where she’s been and where she’s going.

You have worked with some major heavyweights: Dan “Robopop” Omelio, who produced the likes of Maroon 5 and Lana del Ray, and Eli Menezes, who has produced Trey Songz. How did those opportunities come about?

Emily: I’m very lucky to be able to work with such amazing musicians and producers!! Dan is actually my fiancé, and we have been doing music together for the past nine years! So we’ve actually been working together from the beginning (before his career took off). He has an amazing ear and sense for production and melody. It’s great to be able to work together in field we are both so passionate about! Eli is the guitar player in my band! He came up with the main guitar part for Comfortable and ultimately became the co-producer of the song. He’s an amazingly talented musician and I’m thrilled to work with him!

Your latest single, “Comfortable” is a stunning ballad that feels deeply personal and is something we all have experienced: being in a relationship where this is magic missing. Could you speak to us about the background of this particular song?

Emily: Yes “Comfortable” is a song that definitely came from a personal place for me. I was in a long-term relationship and at times had wondered if we were still “in love” or if we were just together because it was so familiar. The magic just seemed to have faded. The co-writer of the song had also been through the exact same situation with her boyfriend and when I brought up this concept she was excited to write about it. Needless to say, the song kind of wrote itself since we were both so connected to the topic and the emotion behind it. People in long-term relationships go through this all the time and so many people can relate to it.

What changes can we expect from your new material from your breakthrough EP, Shining Now? Do you feel you’ve grown as an artist or have had new experiences that your listeners can look forward to hearing about?

Emily: I have definitely grown as an artist and writer since my debut EP. I’ve become more comfortable as an artist and I’m able to dig deeper emotionally and open up more than I did in the past. I have been writing more personally about my relationships with others as well as with myself. My sound has also matured and is staying more true to my early influences: folk songwriters from the 60’s/70’s, female powerhouses of the 90’s, mixed with some modern touches. The end result has been pretty cool!

Could you tell us about the great charity, Musicians on Call, which you are actively a part of?

Emily: Sure thing! Musicians On Call is an organization that brings musicians into hospitals to provide live performances to sick patients at their bedside. As a volunteer for Musicians on Call, it’s such a rewarding experience to brighten someone’s day who’s not feeling well and stuck in a hospital room all day. It means so much to the patients and their families and brings them to life. It’s amazing how healing music can be!

What’s next for Emily Katter?

Emily: I have another single on the horizon and plan to release my sophomore EP in the beginning of 2015 with a tour to follow! Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled!





Top Tweets: New albums, mix tapes, and more

TWEETSEvery week, our favorite people and artists give us glimpses into what they’re thinking. We love keeping up with the latest news and thoughts of such amazing people through Twitter. Here are some handpicked Top Tweets from the past few weeks:

Michael McQuaid

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.05.06 PM

Michael McQuaid tweeted about his new music video for his latest single “Sleepwalking.” He exclusively premiered this single with us and we’re super excited to see the music video.

Twitter: @imichaelmcquaid
Facebook: michaelmcquaidmusic

Erin Bowman

Erin Bowman

Songstress Erin Bowman had us laughing uproariously with her #browdreaming this week! We know she’ll be successful no matter the thickness of her eyebrows after we heard her single “Hey Summer.”

Twitter: @ErinBowmanMusic
Facebook: erinbowmanmusic

Lucy Out Loud

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.09.37 PM

In exciting news, Lucy Out Loud shared a studio update for The Color Morale’s up-and-coming EP, Hold On Pain Ends. It’s exciting news and we can’t wait to hear the album!

Twitter: @_lucyoutloud
Facebook: Lucy Out Loud

Maimouna Youssef

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 6.38.16 PM


Maimouna Youssef made us aware of her amazing new mixtape. We couldn’t resist the gorgeous designs or the incredible sounds that she’s gave us this week.

Twitter: @maimounayoussef
Facebook: maimounayoussefmusic

Tamra Simmons

Tamra Simmons

The lovely Tamra Simmons shared beautiful encouragement with her Twitter followers this week. Her reminders and encouragement always buoy us up and give us new inspiration!

Twitter: @iamtamrasimmons
Facebook: iamtamrasimmons

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Hear It Now: “Oooh Luv Ya” by Brave Williams


Former RichGirl member, Brave Williams, is back and better than ever with the release of her new hit “Oooh Luv Ya.” Before the debut of her solo career, Brave was signed to Jive Records as a member of RichGirl, who put out several Billboard hits during their years together. These hits include “24’s,” “He Ain’t Wit Me Now,” and “Swagger Right,” which was the product of a collaboration with music moguls Rick Ross and Fabolous. The group also had the pleasure of performing alongside Beyoncé as her opening act on her “I Am Sasha Fierce” tour, and headlining the National Burger King Summer Tour.

Since her departure from RichGirl, Brave has had her hands full. Along with continuing to establish and pursue her music career, Williams has landed roles in television and film and kept up with charity work. Brave was in the feature of Bambi on BET’s “The Start Up,” and was a featured singer in TLC’s film “Crazy Sexy Cool.” Williams’ partakes in many philanthropic ventures including her work with associated Black Charities, mentoring young girls in Baltimore as a part of the St. Francis Mentorship program, the Baltimore City Women’s shelter, and more.

As far as her new single “Oooh Luv Ya” is concerned, we love it! This song is the perfect end-of-summer anthem, and is surely a fun, upbeat tune. Her sound is unique, with some jazz and pop influences, making the track a great, lively piece. The song begins with a rap-like intro, hooking the audience from the beginning, and transitions into the soulful chorus. The beat is light and airy throughout, making for an easy listen.  Her strong vocal talent really shines through in this song, with several high notes and impressive riffs.

Brave has also released an official music video for this track. Featured in a cool urban setting, it has all the qualities of an excellent music video. The choreography and dancing flows well with the beat of the song, and the transition from location to location are smooth and effortless. Not to mention her outfit selections are flawless and chic for this hot, summer track. We’re not the only ones who adore this track and video-her YouTube comments section is raving about it as well. Look out for more Brave Williams, as her EP drops in September on Soundcloud.

Check out her music video for “Oooh Luv Ya” on Youtube:

For more information on Brave Williams, visit:






Hear it Now: Chaz Langley’s ‘Devilish Eyes’


Chaz Langley is New York’s new R&B god. Chaz recently released his debut EP Chaz Langley and played a sold out house at Joe’s Pub in NYC. He has also had the opportunity to work with Nashville star Hayden Panettiere. Chaz wrote and performed all four songs and worked with several producers on all of the various tracks: DJ/producer Robert Lux and Giancarlo Castillo (“Song of Sorrow” and “Devilish Eyes”), Michelangelo Sosnowitz (“Here with You”) and Dave Robinson aka Cameo Couture (deep house artist) on “Paranoia.”

With backgrounds in acting, modeling, dancing, singing and songwriting, it is no secret that Langley is a jack-of-all-trades. His single “Devilish Eyes” off of his EP is no exception to his impeccable musical skill. His voice is timeless and poised, with a sound almost reflective of a Michael Bublé and Usher blend.

Langley’s refined R&B skill really shines through on this track. His smooth and sultry voice carries throughout the song and is accompanied by the soft melodies of acoustic and wind instruments. His voice is both soothing and invigorating, and his passion and dedication to his craft really shines through in his tone. “Devilish Eyes” speaks of the lust that comes over him when he sees someone he admires. The track is relatable to anyone who has ever felt enthusiasm or yearning for a significant other and the idea that you can never get them off of your mind. Langley’s angelic voice is what makes this track so addicting and easy to listen to. This song would not be difficult to listen to on repeat.

As a whole, this song is well worth the listen. If you are at all interested in R&B, or just good music in general, you should definitely check out this track.

Find this song and more from Chaz Langley at:




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