HEAR IT NOW: Tiffany Evans New Found Swagger on “Baby Don’t Go”


The name Tiffany Evans has been in entertainment for over a decade, but now her path is starting to become more clear.

Evans first showed her skills to the world on the talent show “Star Search” in 2003 at the age of ten. After consecutive appearances, she won the junior division competition thanks to a perfect score on all of her performances. From there, Evans threw acting into her talent mix with appearances in TV (CBS’ The District) and movies (Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman). But Evans still had a hand on music as she released her self-titled debut album in 2008 with the likes of Ciara, Bow Wow and producer Rodney Jerkins backing her up. She had a sophomore album in the works around 2010 under the management of Matthew Knowles (father of Beyonce), but her management and record deal came to a close.

It’s been two years since Evans reemerged as an independent artist, but she sounds as feisty as ever with her vocal chops on full display in her new single “Baby Don’t Go.” Maturity has clearly taken hold of Evans as she sounds more focused and confident than her early years. From her opening of, “this is the last time I’m doing this,” she’s in full control of the song and the situation. Clearly a break-up song, “Baby Don’t Go” is backed by a slow, grooving R&B beat as Evans muses about a now ex-lover who she’s finally walking away from after he’s screwed up multiple times.

Evans’ vocals are smooth and not overly dramatic. She keeps a strong tone with attitude flexing each time she tells off her cheating lover. When she says she’s “tired of keeping tracks and trying to figure out” and “there’s only so much I can take all these years and your mistakes,” one can almost picture he waving her finger at her cheater as she sings to him. Her vocal delivery sounds very much like Ciara or Rihanna with a bit more power. There’s a certain strut or attitude to Evans’ voice, something that’s much needed in today’s R&B world. Music is full of girls looking like divas, but Evans walks and talks the part like she’s been doing it for years.

Take a good listen to “Baby Don’t Go” and remember the swagger of Tiffany Evans. Her control on a track is something to get excited about. As far as the men go, be true to Tiffany or you might be the subject of her next singing smackdown.


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HEAR IT NOW: “#ShotsNSelfies” by EE.Clark feat. NatStar Has Us Partying

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The latest club song from EE.Clark has a partying and taking “#ShotsNSelfies.” This fantastic track features vocals from EE.Clark and NatStar and keeps you dancing the whole time.

EE.Clark is a veteran of the music industry with 16 years of experience under his belt. He’s had a chance to work with some of the biggest names in the industry while making a name and reputation for himself. He’s capable of doing anything that he sets his mind to and has astounded producers and fans alike. He’s an artist, engineer, manager and more. With so many talents, it’s no wonder that he’s been thriving in the industry for nearly two decades.

The song features a danceable beat with a catchy chorus that’s bound to stick in your head long after you listened to it. Over all, the track is a bouncy, feel-good song that’s sure to be a hit in clubs all over the world. The smooth music draws the listener in and before you know it, you’re grooving along with EE and Nat’s smooth voices as they get you pumped up to party. This is a fantastic song to add to your pre-party lineup and is guaranteed to leave you ready to get down!

The lyrics show the perfect combination of party and humor. You can’t help but grin at several of the lines in the track. We can guarantee that the “… takin’ shots and selfies” refrain from the chorus will stick in your head. This is definitely  a track for a night out on the town. We can’t wait to hear what EE.Clark has coming our way in the next year!

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HEAR IT NOW: JB’s “Nothing To Lose” Keeps Things Real

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Every so often a track comes along that makes you stop and pay attention. “Nothing To Lose” by JB is just such a track. He caught our attention and kept us riveted throughout the entire track. It’s one of the most relatable tracks that we’ve heard.

JB is an incredible rapper that has been making a name for himself. He’s got a definite personal style that sets him apart from other artists. He pours all of his talent into his work, which sets him in a class of his own. Every new track from JB leaves us amazed with his new artistry.

“Nothing To Lose” is driving track with an incredible set of lyrics. The rhythms hook you immediately and the layers of the song keep you continually fascinated. The lyrics will strike a chord with anyone that’s had to work insanely hard to get what they want out of life. We’ve all had those moments where we “… just feel like I’ve got something to prove and nothing to lose.” The lyrics really speak to a determined but disillusioned audience.

JB strikes a chord with anyone that’s continually working to get what they want out of life. It’s not hard to see how JB got where he is today after hearing the power and determination in this track. After listening to “Nothing To Lose” we know that we’ll be seeing even more amazing things from JB. He’s got ambition and determination to rival it. We absolutely cannot wait to hear more from him. He’s got some devoted fans here.

Listen to “Nothing To Lose” below:

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Interview: Meet Joe Pettigrew, Blogger and PR Student on the Rise


It’s a wonderful thing to see a young man follow his dreams and take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to him. Most are afraid to take chances because they do not want to fail. However, Joe Pettigrew is not one of those people.

After a Skype chat with the Michigan native, I learned that Joe’s ambition and mindset is what got him this far in the entertainment industry. “Growing up, I saw a lot of crimes and bad things happen around the area,” Joe recalls. “You know, like homicides in the Flint area. I didn’t want that [to be my] life. I wanted something better.”

Raised in a Christian-faith household, church was his life, but he had a love for music, pop culture and journalism. In order to incorporate these three passions, Joe dedicated to attend Eastern Michigan University to pursue a degree in Public Relations and Journalism. It was there where he found his calling.

“I wanted to give the youth something positive and I knew blogging was a way to reach them since most millennials do not watch the news because they are always on the go.” So he started his new blog, The Daily Dosage With Joe, which covers topics that happening in pop culture and urban culture and music-related news. It’s fairly new, but The Daily Dosage With Joe is an unique outlet and could possibly be one of the popular sites for youth to get their news. Since his blog is on Tumblr (one of the most influential social media platforms for millennials), it is easy to rotate news and hot topics in that type of environment.

“Being a PR major, I am learning a lot about social media and using it as a PR tactic. There are so many people to connect with and reach the [target audience] with the news that I cover.” Joe adds. Networking is one of Joe’s strengths, being “fluent” in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr.  Connecting in the digital world is a must these days and staying in the loop of what is current is mandatory in the entertainment industry. This is something that Joe does well.

Other people have noticed his work ethic, passion for news and knowledge of social media. He is currently doing and internship with Soo Detroit Magazine where he is a editorial writer. “I love it. I cover music, business, fashion and news. It’s different than what I blog about. So I like the [contrast] of both jobs.” It seems like Joe Pettigrew is on the right path in his career. We look forward to seeing what he does for the remainder of 2015.

Stay in loop of things by visiting The Daily Dosage With Joe:

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HEAR IT NOW: Fall in Love with DeAndre Wright’s “Dedicated” EP

dedicat3edEvery so often, there’s an EP that comes along that absolutely blows our minds. Those EPs are generally created by artists that are constantly pushing themselves to create better and better work. DeAndre Wright’s latest EP is one of those.

DeAndre is just one of those artists. She is proud to be a musician of a different kind. She writes her own kind of pop-soul music that has fans raving. The Texas native has been writing her music for years. She’s collaborated with a large number of up-and-coming stars and Grammy winners alike. Her style is very much her own and her beautiful, smooth voice leaves fans hanging on her every word.

Her latest EP, Dedicated, is a delightful blend of hip, funky sounds and lyrics. It’s bound to please, no matter what styles you tend to prefer. The mixing is phenomenal and the transitions from track to track leave you listening carefully while letting your mind be transported by the music.

Dedicated is a great combination of 6 tracks. All of them have fantastic rhythms, catchy melodies and some thought provoking lyrics. The layering on all the tracks mix things up and keep the sound interesting for the listener. DeAndre’s delightfully beautiful and mellow voice keeps you intrigued through every single track.

The EP opens with the track “Pie” which grabs you right away with its light sound and gorgeously smooth vocals. The effects applied to the track keep the audio interesting the whole way through while the mellow rhythms keep the sound moving. It transitions delightfully into “Inside Out,” which draws on some more pop sounds which transition to more soul sounding harmonies. The song tells the story of a hurt lover that’s analyzing her current situation while resolving to move on.

The next two tracks “Ain’t Trying to Go Home” and “Green.Monster.Jealousy.” keep you hooked with understated rhythms and layering. The audio effects applied to both tracks keep you grooving. These tracks are beautifully mixed while highlighting DeAndre’s incredible voice and making sure the lyrics stand out in the grand scheme of the song.

The fifth track “Into Time” contains some interesting musical features. DeAndre’s smooth vocals are contrasted with guitar licks that are definitely drawing on rock styles. That particular feel is carried over into the final song of the EP, “Last Track,” which leaves you grooving. “Into Time” has a melancholic sound thanks to the longing vocals that conjure up nights of broken hearts. “Last Track” pulls the listener out of that melancholy by giving you a blast of determination to leave unworthy lovers behind.

Overall, Dedicated, is a stellar EP with an incredible blend of sounds and feelings. DeAndre prides herself on being a bird of a different feather and she certainly lives up to that claim here. Dedicated is a phenomenal EP that will leave you wanting more. Listen to it in its entirety here:

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