Hear it Now: “Kickin’ Back” with Mila J

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If you need a song to ‘kick back’ and relax to, “Kickin’ Back” is certainly the ultimate best choice! If you’re into artists like Rihanna and Jhene Aiko, you’ll definitely fall in love with Mila J. This song is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. The vibes of this song makes me feel like I want to just lay back and relax with friends.

Mila J has the most talented flow that I’ve heard in a long time when it comes to female hip hop artists. When it comes to hip hop, I am extremely picky. But for some reason, once I started listening to this song – I was immediately hooked. I can’t even count how many times I’ve replayed it. It’s also one of those songs you can put on and really focus on things you need to get done, to, if need be. This type of music is right up my alley! I’ll definitely be checking her out and following her on Soundcloud and social media.

The production in “Kickin’ Back” is also quite impressive. The synths in the background really blend well with Mila’s voice. The smoothness of the entire thing really puts it all together and is the whole reason I get it stuck in my head constantly. “I’m kickin’ back and I’m lightin’ up/ doing what the f*ck i want/ just roll the wood/ I’m feeling good,/ just me myself and this blunt” are my favorite lyrics as well as “everything good over here yeah/ everybody know I ain’t bout that drama”. I can truly relate to those lyrics because I feel like this is the exact song I would relax to the way she’s talking about relaxing, with friends, and just having a good time. This is the perfect song to have the youth of today listen to. It’s not too raunchy, too violent, or sexual – it’s vibes are amazing and perfect for this generation of youth.

If there is any artist that should be promoted more often and have their talent put out there more, it would be Mila J in a heartbeat. Mila is the ideal artist that today’s youth should be listening to within the hip hop genre! I will be sure to keep up with her music and spread the word about how great she is!

Hear it Now: Daye Jack- Hands Up

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.40.26 AMDaye Jack has a distinct sound, but a common message that needs to be heard. Initially, listening to the song it seems to be about love…but prepared to be educated. It is rare for mainstream and some underground music artists to be so direct in making songs on topics like police brutality. The idea often is that “sex sells,” but awareness changes lives and Daye is certainly on the right path to doing that in his song “Hands Up…” and he may not even realize it.

This is an issue that everyone can relate to, some on a larger scale than others. He not only proves his artistic ability in the song, but his level of consciousness about what is going on in the world even at a young age. How often do we hear 19 to 20 year old rappers talking about some of the things Daye reflects on in one song? He not only focuses on the issue of police brutality at hand, but the aftermath when someone’s life is taken in the process. “Maybe the kid you refer to as a thug is just somebody else’s baby,” emphasizing the importance of citizens and the news media sympathizing with the mothers who have to bury their sons because they appear to be thugs.

The chorus of the song is powerful on its own and sums the overall message of “Hands Up” in one verse. “Living with my head down, my hands up, no no don’t shoot,” says so much. This chorus could be voice for those who want to protest police brutality, but aren’t quite sure how to find the words. If not, those who live their lives trying to improve the many flaws of our law system may find encouragement and appreciate this song. Daye manages to get his message across effectively without addressing race outside of one “Black lives matter” reference. It is evident in this song that his concern is deeper than just race; but it is about promoting non-violence.

Despite his lighter tone of voice, you can definitely feel the sense of concern and urgency he has. He is the hope we need to make sure that this generation and those who follow have some idea about the things that are going on in today’s society and they can get a glimpse of that listening to Daye. His style of delivering music will make a young person want to really listen and gain something from what he’s saying. The unique beat with a smooth combination of acoustics and other sounds will attract listeners of all ages, young and old.

“Hands up don’t shoot” is a powerful saying used in protests for police brutality nationwide, but Daye brings a new vibe to this saying. He’s shown us that young people are aware, advocating in the best way they know how, and in his case it’s through his musical talent. Daye Jack is proof that there is still power in meaningful music.

HEAR IT NOW: 3StripeShawty- Coke No Cola

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.49.31 PMI usually don’t listen to trap rap because I can’t relate to the storylines being told in the music. However, a local artist from my city, Baltimore, gave me his latest mixtape. It struck my interest, because not only was the posters of the mixtape plastered everywhere in East Baltimore, but the artist, 3StripeShawty was out in the streets promoting his music. It takes effort to do that, whereas some artists expect results to be handed to them. 3StripeShawty isn’t that artist. He is up on his grind.

Now Coke No Cola was released in mid October of 2015. So why I am just writing a review now? First, I took a short break from writing, but I listened to the mixtape the same night I got it. Second, I missed the old days where journalists would get an album and get a chance to sit with the album and really listen to it from lyrics, production and features standpoint. So I decided to do that. Thirdly, just because it was released in October, it is still new to someone who hasn’t heard it. That’s the beauty of the independent hip hop scene and social media marketing.

So let’s get into Coke No Cola. First, the title is clever and the artwork for the mixtape is super dope. It’s self explanatory; so I knew what to expect from this mixtape. “1st Line of Raw” is a great way to start the mixtape. With the hard hitting beat and strong wordplay, this track grew on me as a first time listener. Things went downhill with the next three songs, “Different,” “In Da Field,” and “Nothing On Me,” which all sounded the same and wasn’t like “1st Line of Raw.” I felt like it was mediocre at best. But, no worries, Coke No Cola picks up with “GottaGetIt,” like a new hustler’s anthem. “Yeaddamean” is a standout track and is a cool turn up song. The track starts out with 3StripeShawty’s shouting “Cochize, this a banger!” Not only did Cochize laced a dope beat, but he did his rap feature justice. I liked this one.

One of the bigger hip hop names in Baltimore’s local trap music scene is Young Moose and he’s featured twice on this mixtape. The songs are “Step On the Scene” and “F*ck Up a Check;” however, the latter was the better song. “F*ck Up a Check” is a hood-fun song about blowing money on material things. It’s definitely a stunt song, but the collaboration with 3StripeShawty and Young Moose works best on this song.

Overall, even though I’m not a fan of trap music, it’s safe to said that 3StripeShawty has potential and is headed in the right direction as far as lyricism is concern. Trap rap grew on me a bit, plus I have to support the local music scene in my city.

Respect the hustle.

STREAM/DOWNLOAD Coke No Cola here:

Video: J Wright’s “What About Her” is Raw Emotion

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.27.10 AMMany may know J Wright, the 25-year old hip hop, who was named “One of the artist to watch for 2015 and beyond” by Hip Hop Weekly Magazine; however, his music is new to me. To say the least, I am now a fan.

His recent release, “What About Her” is raw storytelling at its best. The chronic cycle of young girls not being properly loved and raised by their parents and eventually having society set standards for them that are not in their best interest, is a story that is often told a lot. With J Wright’s style and delivery to the track, the story is not one-sided. All sides to the story are involved and in this case, the girl is not the antagonist in the story, but simply is the victim.

J Wright paints that very picture in his video for the single, “What About Her.” The song is definitely needed in music because they are too many turn-up tunes and not enough substance. J Wright is a good change of scenery and an artist to look forward to.

Instagram: @WhoisJWright

VIDEO: James Garlimah’s new video, “From the City”

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James Garlimah is back with his new single, “From the City,” which features K Niggz. The track has a catchy hook, whereas after two listens, you will automatically nod your head, while mouthing the lyrics.

James Garlimah, hailing from Canada, makes great turn up music and “From the City” is a prime example of that sound. Much due to what mainstream radio initiates, “From the City” fits right in to the new wave of music of today.

The visuals for the song is straightforward; however, watching James Garlimah and K Niggz jump around going from  verse to verse, makes the video fun to watch. It’s a fun song with a trap-like beat. You could possible do the latest dances to this track. K Niggz shows out on this song, giving us a crazy flow on the laid-back beat. It’s a great combination to James Garlimah’s cool flow.

Nonetheless, “From the City” is a crowd-pleaser with much potential as James Garlimah, 21-year-old Canadian hip hop artist, adapts to the sounds of US rap.

Watch the video below:


Website: www.JamesGarlimah.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JamesGarlimah
Twitter: www.twitter.com/JamesGarlimah
Previous Single “Bout It”: http://youtu.be/m2U3-MAjbKQ

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