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Hear It Now: “Do You Still Love Me” by The Well Reds


The Well Reds are one band that you should probably start paying attention to.  This Atlanta-based quartet has a sound that is very specific and upbeat, almost reminiscent of a Maroon 5 and Panic! At The Disco blend. Established in 2008, this band is only getting bigger. They have shared bills with Hot Chelle Rae, Parachute, and Automatic Love Letter, and have sold out shows in prominent Atlanta music venues.

The band really stated to take off after winning the New Music Seminar “Live At Roxy” competition and being a finalist on the web-series “The Ourstage Panel,” and have since preformed in both Los Angeles and New York. Their debut EP Violet, garnered coverage nationwide, and gave them plans to perform at various Universities and Colleges throughout the late summer and fall. The Well Reds will also be releasing their new album Volume in November, and have already released a hit single from it called, “Do you Still Love Me.”

Their single “Do you Still Love Me” is one song that you won’t want to stop listening to. It’s the perfect medley of alternative rock and pop that will make you want to jam along. The lead vocalist’s raspy tone really draws the listener in from the very beginning. The lyrics are paired perfectly with impeccable guitar skills throughout the ballad, creating a catchy, sing-along ready tune. The lyrics resonate with any listener who has ever experienced a rocky relationship, and the idea of going back and forth, but still wanting to fight for their relationship. While the lyrics have a somewhat heavy message, it’s still matched perfectly by the pop-y tones in the music. We definitely look forward to hearing more from this group.

Listen to “Do You Still Love Me” on Soundcloud below:

For more information on The Well Reads, visit:

Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/thewellreds

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewellreds

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheWellReds


INDIE ON THE BEACH: Chase Coy introduces Sun Culture, debut self-titled LP


Nashville may seem like quite a long way from an ocean, but a familiar name under the title Sun Culture may be on their way to creating their own splash in the sphere of indie music.

Recently, the indie project released its debut self-titled, eight track album. The indie-electronic sound is similar to that of UK rock bands The 1975 and Little Comets, as well as American bands Grouplove and Passion Pit. The project was created by singer/songwriter and producer Chase Coy after his decision to leave Universal Records. A particularly outstanding element is the melodic flanger effect which is present in almost every song (similar to Jack Johnson’s album To the Sea), acting as not only a defining element but one that really binds the entire album together. The overall influence of the album is very summer-like and feel-good (for lack of a better pair of sound descriptions) and is complimentary to the songwriting style of Chase Coy, but also gives Sun Culture a sound of its own.

Self-titled albums are always interesting because they definitely add a bit of mystery as far as the artist’s self image is concerned. This isn’t to say that Sun Culture doesn’t have a direction in which Chase wants this album to take him because he already has his own image. However, it offers an opportunity for the listener – to draw comparisons to other artists rather than interpret (or misinterpret) the meaning of or behind an album title – shifting the focus significantly more on listening to the music rather than trying to figure out the artists we idolize so much. All that being said, it is clear the sound doesn’t have one single root of influence. His music carries an alternative indie vibe with a folk twist throughout the album and has the capability of taking any appreciator of music on a journey of imagery. Then again, conceptual music is nothing new for Chase.

Stream Sun Culture’s debut full-length album on Soundcloud:

For more information about Sun Culture, visit:

Website: http://www.suncultureband.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suncultureband

Twitter: https://twitter.com/suncultureband


DAMSEL FROM DUBAI: Sudie releases latest unique single “Asiasaurus”


For some artists, being asked to define their sound can be a bit of an awkward question. On the other end of the spectrum, comparing yourself to a hybrid “[as] if Bjork had arranged something for Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday to sing over” is a pretty confident answer. Sudie has a unique sound and she knows how to use it.

Hailing from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates’ second most populated city behind its capital of Abu Dhabi, Sudie classifies her genre on her Facebook page as a blend of chimerical, dreamy, electro, jazz and funk. Her sound has the same type of energy as that of Sonnymoon, but the roots of her musical crafts(wo)manship lie in the heart of Texas, where she developed her sound with a limited budget’s worth of musical equipment in her tiny bathroom. Still, her journey was only just beginning. She would find herself mainly in Dubai for high school before returning to Dallas to major in vocal performance with a concentration in classical music and opera. It was there she felt the need to broaden her musical range and since then, Sudie has been on her own path, doing her own thing, with her own bathroom-crafted style of music.

Under the Computer Ugly record label, Sudie has released four singles, most recently “Asiasaurus.” Her liking to elements of electronic music are on full display, as are the jazzy vocal influences of her legendary female counterparts in Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. However, her sound is a blend of so many little bits of other styles that the jazz aspect doesn’t pop out right away. Again, the electronic elements are most present, however each one plays a critical role in the creation of the track. The vocals sound high in gain but very compressed and reverb-y, creating the feeling of distance.

Sudie produces and performs all her music as a one-woman act. Check out her other single “Asiasaurus” on Soundcloud below!

For more information about Sudie, visit:

Website: http://sudiemusic.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sudiemusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sudiemusic


BREAKING BAD FOR GOOD: Sibling duet This Boy That Girl drop debut release


To be a successful musician in one of the countries largest music communities, California-based artists have to be more intriguing and fresher than their counterparts. While they grow as a community, they also must grow individually. That being said, This Boy That Girl may have a sibling advantage over the rest of the competition.

Cali-based pop hip hop duo Alec and Becca King, products of Big Dream Records, have that advantage; with it comes a collaborative songwriting style similar to that of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, as well as Rihanna and Eminem. The two are also active in supporting organizations that matter to them rather than what’s popular, such as anti-bullying campaigns. Recently, they performed on an anti-bullying tour “Music is my Language,” a 20-city trip run by Champions Against Bullying.

It seemed that the respective sounds of Becca and Alec King evolved track by track throughout their debut EP Breaking Bad, which just dropped this summer. The hybrid comparison to their general sound is Rihanna and Hoodie Allen. However, what separates the two Kings as artists from musicians is their ability to grasp the energy of the song and adjust their vocal styles to compliment the overall sound. The first two songs “Sweet Life” and “Turn the Night Down” have an outgoing, party-like feel to them, which is nothing new in the pop world. Some of the same electronic elements are used throughout the EP, though they aren’t as defining as some of the elements that make this work special.

For example, in “Music Is My Language”, the chorus has a similar feel to Taylor Swift’s platinum hit “I Knew You Were Trouble”. This song, however, isn’t about a breakup or partying; it’s a no-miss song about a love for music. Becca sounds most like Rihanna here, but the way she splits the chorus with Alec through the first two vocal parts before rejoining for the hook compliments the great energy generated from the production alone – a result only a special kind of collaborative style can create.

All in all, a very strong release from start to finish, and it’ll be exciting to hear what the King duo stirs up next. Check out their new video “Sweet Life” from their new EP!

For More Information: 

Website: https://thisboythatgirlmusic.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThisBoyThatGirl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TBTGmusic


Wild Then, Wild Now: Austin duo showcases deep roots in debut EP


During the 90s, the crown of Austin’s hometown rockstar belonged to the bluegrass beauties known as the Dixie Chicks. Now, Taylor Baker appears to be making a wild dream of her own come to life.

An alternative duo with a sound that has roots you’d have to hear to understand, Taylor & the Wild Now released their first self-titled EP in early-August of this year. Taylor Baker started the project when she teamed up with Drew Walker last summer after Taylor had been primarily performing solo and occasionally collaborating with other artists. Their sound features their own compelling brand of music and lyrics that is modern enough to belong in today’s mainstream, but indie enough to demand its own place with the potential to create its own trends.

The EP begins with a self-titled “Intro” track. The resonant percussion, dark flanger guitar and distant trumpets make for a very mellow flow through the placement of Taylor’s dark vocals. The track transitions seamlessly into the next track and the duo’s debut single “Wanderlust”. The flanger guitar from the beginning is now brighter and compliments the faster tempo and more upbeat energy of the song. The group vocals singing “woah” also add emphasis to their already strong vocal presence. While the progressions on the guitar are quite repetitive, the mini build-ups placed throughout the song, particularly in the chorus.

The next three tracks possessed their own different energies and different feeling rhythms. In “Bewildered”, the flanger guitar has a more telephone-like tone now, and the overall energy of the song has an indie-country hybrid feel to it. But what makes this track interesting on the ears is the alternating meters – or beat patterns – between the chorus and the rest of the song. The song starts on a steady eighth-note beat pattern, but Taylor is singing in triplets, which gives the sound some swing to it. In the chorus, the harmonic progression takes on the rhythmic pattern of triplets like Taylor does in the verse, which creates a much more powerful rhythmic swing. The following track, “Sun Song”, has the same type of guitar sound and at first almost has a sound so similar to the previous track that it could be a continuation of it. However, the outstanding elements in this song are the counterpointing guitars, each carrying its own melody and creating a sweet sound to compliment the harmonies they create in the chorus.

Finally, “Wild” is the slowest track of the the EP, and also by far the most heart-felt. While strings have been used in previous tracks, this is the only track where they really stand out. The tone they contribute to the overall sound compliments the conceptual lyrics and Taylor’s singing range. As they intensify in the chorus, the sound becomes positively elegant. Counterpointing guitars are certainly the most defining and dominant element used throughout the EP, but what makes the sound Taylor and Drew create so compelling is that each song carries something over from the previous track; a tone, an element or style of playing that truly came together in a strong debut release – and for Taylor & the Wild Now, their wild dream is only just beginning.

Listen to “Wanderlust” here:

For More Information:

Website: http://www.taylorandthewildnow.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taylorandthewildnow


Concert Review: Native Summer Tour- One Republic

OneRepublic_OSOmaha’s CenturyLink arena was near capacity and abuzz with the chatter of thousands of attendees. The anticipation that permeated the evening was nearly palpable and wove its way through the crowd with an infectious ferocity; each time a stagehand wandered around the venue to ensure the setup was pristine, a collective gasp of excitement could be heard from the crowd.

Finally, openers American Authors, the pop-rock Brooklynites behind the summer radio darling “Best Day of My Life,” took to the stage and the audience became nearly frenzied. The heavily-female crowd took to whistling, cheering, and all-out screaming to showcase their appreciation, prompting smiles from the band members. Their set passed along amiably, with no song in particular either standing out nor causing great offense, and they were shortly replaced by The Script, a band who has made a name on squeaky-clean, easy on the ears rock-lite pop. While they were a decidedly engaging presense with the ladies, their set failed to truly engage. With only one major radio hit and a handful of others that sounded familiar enough, The Script’s time on stage came and went quickly, and their music was palatable enough that it caused no harm to the non-fans peppered throughout the audience.

And then it happened; the hum of anticipation that had been electrifying the evening had transformed into a full-on buzz. Seeing the way the concert goers prepared themselves for the main event was something akin to watching an athlete warm up for a brisk run. The ladies around me were bouncing up and down, stretching, shaking their bodies to get out any taut energy. They were ecstatic.

And from the moment OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder walked on stage, the energy in the room exploded in a kinetic frenzy. It was a special evening for all involved as it was the band’s debut performance in Omaha, Nebraska, a fact which Tedder both acknowledged and lamented: “Thank you so very much Omaha. Sorry it took so long to get here. We are absolutely ecstatic.” And his sentiments proved true, as he pushed himself and his bandmates to the limit as they danced, played, and belted their way through myriad hits such as “Apologize”, “Counting Stars”, and “Love Runs Out”, the latter of which found Tedder atop a piano, dancing and singing with a ferocious energy.

courtesy of Nathan Schaaf
courtesy of Nathan Schaaf

The band continued through their stretch of hits and a handful of lesser-known tunes such as the ode to Tedder’s father, “Preacher”, but there wasn’t a single moment during the course of the night that didn’t find the band at peak performance. Their showcase was truly an energetic spectacle, filled with excitement, bombast, and a deeply visible love for their craft.

One can only hope that OneRepublic will elect to make the Midwest a larger focal point during future tours, because they clearly have the fanbase. As the evening wrapped up, attendees began filing out, each seeming as tired as Tedder, who had spent the better part of two hours bounding about the stage, yet not one person could be heard complaining. Instead, they were all clamoring about what had just transpired, expressing a communal appreciation for what can only be described as good music and even better showmanship.

courtesy of Nathan Schaaf
courtesy of Nathan Schaaf

Interview: Five Questions for Soul-Pop Singer Emily Katter

unnamed-2Emily Katter is a talented NYC artist whose recently released single, “Comfortable” is a stunning ballad that is sure to propel her to the pop elite. Backed by an impressive production team and an honest, humble personality, Emily is an artist worth getting to know. She recently sat down and talked to us about where she’s been and where she’s going.

You have worked with some major heavyweights: Dan “Robopop” Omelio, who produced the likes of Maroon 5 and Lana del Ray, and Eli Menezes, who has produced Trey Songz. How did those opportunities come about?

Emily: I’m very lucky to be able to work with such amazing musicians and producers!! Dan is actually my fiancé, and we have been doing music together for the past nine years! So we’ve actually been working together from the beginning (before his career took off). He has an amazing ear and sense for production and melody. It’s great to be able to work together in field we are both so passionate about! Eli is the guitar player in my band! He came up with the main guitar part for Comfortable and ultimately became the co-producer of the song. He’s an amazingly talented musician and I’m thrilled to work with him!

Your latest single, “Comfortable” is a stunning ballad that feels deeply personal and is something we all have experienced: being in a relationship where this is magic missing. Could you speak to us about the background of this particular song?

Emily: Yes “Comfortable” is a song that definitely came from a personal place for me. I was in a long-term relationship and at times had wondered if we were still “in love” or if we were just together because it was so familiar. The magic just seemed to have faded. The co-writer of the song had also been through the exact same situation with her boyfriend and when I brought up this concept she was excited to write about it. Needless to say, the song kind of wrote itself since we were both so connected to the topic and the emotion behind it. People in long-term relationships go through this all the time and so many people can relate to it.

What changes can we expect from your new material from your breakthrough EP, Shining Now? Do you feel you’ve grown as an artist or have had new experiences that your listeners can look forward to hearing about?

Emily: I have definitely grown as an artist and writer since my debut EP. I’ve become more comfortable as an artist and I’m able to dig deeper emotionally and open up more than I did in the past. I have been writing more personally about my relationships with others as well as with myself. My sound has also matured and is staying more true to my early influences: folk songwriters from the 60’s/70’s, female powerhouses of the 90’s, mixed with some modern touches. The end result has been pretty cool!

Could you tell us about the great charity, Musicians on Call, which you are actively a part of?

Emily: Sure thing! Musicians On Call is an organization that brings musicians into hospitals to provide live performances to sick patients at their bedside. As a volunteer for Musicians on Call, it’s such a rewarding experience to brighten someone’s day who’s not feeling well and stuck in a hospital room all day. It means so much to the patients and their families and brings them to life. It’s amazing how healing music can be!

What’s next for Emily Katter?

Emily: I have another single on the horizon and plan to release my sophomore EP in the beginning of 2015 with a tour to follow! Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled!

Website: www.emilyKatter.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EmilyKatter  

Twitter: www.twitter.com/EmilyKatter


Top Tweets: New albums, mix tapes, and more

TWEETSEvery week, our favorite people and artists give us glimpses into what they’re thinking. We love keeping up with the latest news and thoughts of such amazing people through Twitter. Here are some handpicked Top Tweets from the past few weeks:

Michael McQuaid

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.05.06 PM

Michael McQuaid tweeted about his new music video for his latest single “Sleepwalking.” He exclusively premiered this single with us and we’re super excited to see the music video.

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/michaelmcquaidmusic
Twitter: @imichaelmcquaid
Facebook: michaelmcquaidmusic

Erin Bowman

Erin Bowman

Songstress Erin Bowman had us laughing uproariously with her #browdreaming this week! We know she’ll be successful no matter the thickness of her eyebrows after we heard her single “Hey Summer.”

Site: http://www.erinbowman.net
Twitter: @ErinBowmanMusic
Facebook: erinbowmanmusic

Lucy Out Loud

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.09.37 PM

In exciting news, Lucy Out Loud shared a studio update for The Color Morale’s up-and-coming EP, Hold On Pain Ends. It’s exciting news and we can’t wait to hear the album!

Site: http://thisislucyoutloud.com
Twitter: @_lucyoutloud
Facebook: Lucy Out Loud

Maimouna Youssef

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 6.38.16 PM


Maimouna Youssef made us aware of her amazing new mixtape. We couldn’t resist the gorgeous designs or the incredible sounds that she’s gave us this week.

Site: http://mumufreshness.flavors.me
Twitter: @maimounayoussef
Facebook: maimounayoussefmusic

Tamra Simmons

Tamra Simmons

The lovely Tamra Simmons shared beautiful encouragement with her Twitter followers this week. Her reminders and encouragement always buoy us up and give us new inspiration!

Twitter: @iamtamrasimmons
Facebook: iamtamrasimmons

For more glimpses of our favorite talented tweeters, follow us on twitter @LimMagazine.

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