Interview + Single Premiere: Dedrick Jamaal Takes Journey “In Time”


Today is the official release for Hip Hop newcomer Dedrick Jamaal’s new single, “In Time,” featuring indie R&B songstress Megan. “In Time” is the first single off of Dedrick’s upcoming mixtape In Time, which drops on October 31st.

Dedrick is on his new journey as he is reintroducing himself to the world again. Fresh out the studio and signed to a new label Blacklight Music Group, Dedrick is ready to tell his story. Many may know him from his debut single, “Broadway,” from his project Overnight. With much growth in his sound and lyricism, listeners will be pleased to hear what he has cooking next!

I got the chance to chat with Dedrick about his new journey, his upcoming mixtape, and the reasons for writing and selecting the songs on his mixtape.

You have a lot of things going on for you! Talk about what you have been doing since you last released Footprints.

Dedrick: Since Footprints, I’ve officially become a member of Blacklight Music Group and have been recording a lot of new material to make up for the two year gap since my last release.

In Time, is your upcoming mixtape. Talk about the process from writing, working with producers, to finishing the mixtape. Who’s on the mixtape?

Dedrick: The writing process started with tracks that didn’t make Journey of Kings; which is something I have in store for later. Most of the producers I worked with I had to come across online because I no longer have an in house production. With the internet being such a great tool I can use it to progress my sound as I grow musically. As far as finishing the mixtape goes; we believe in going the extra mile so until the release date (October 31st) we’ll be fine tuning the ep. Ya’ll should know by now the gangs going to be on the tape. Dylan Cage, Hey Daem, & Jimi Jump. My homie Megan came through for me in a big way on the title track “In Time” and “88 Til Forever”. DJ Famous Amos also showed up for me on the tape along with Virginia Bee.

What do you want your listeners and new listeners to learn or expect out “In time”?

Dedrick: I just want them to get it you know. Every piece makes the puzzle more complete from the art work to the purpose behind this project and music. I needed time to find the right situation to be able to take things to another level. To push myself to that level. While doing so life is going on. “In Time” is my new beginning after being away from the listeners so long. They can expect progression as well as the essence of where my roots are sonically and lyrically. Expect the beginning of a transition and entrance into the world I’m creating.


It’s a 7-song mixtape and I like to know how the songs get chosen. How can you narrow it down and how do you know which songs are the right fit?

Dedrick: What’s unique about it for me is the fact that this is the first time I’ve submitted a project to a label and been steered in the right direction. I’m learning from trial and error but Blacklight provides me a place where I can have trusted opinions on what should and should not make the project. Before submitting the music I thoroughly listen to see what sticks out to me the most from what was set aside for this project. From there we do a vote and go with our move (laughs).

Let’s talk about each song and the story behind them. How did “88 Til Forever” come about? What inspired the title?

Dedrick: “88 Til Forever” came about with me just being inspired by the instrumental to take it back. The beat was called 90’s something and it gave me that classic hip hop feel. The title is actually inspired by my birth year. May my dreams live on to inspire forever through my music. Hence the title “88 Til Forever”.

“The Chill” has three features (Dylan Cage, Jimi Jump, Famous Amos). Why so many on one track?

Dedrick: It really was just something for the homies and the lifestyle. Not something I plan of making a habit of (laughs).

You and your labelmate Dylan Cage have worked a lot for different projects. The sound of “Bruce Leroy” is similar to tracks you have done in the past with him. What is it like working with D.Cage?

Dedrick: We have a crazy chemistry in the lab that cant really be explained. We compliment each others styles so we never know when one of those special records will come about. That’s the homie though. The main reason I’m a part of Blacklight and able to do what I do is because he believed in me first so I’ma stand by him no matter what. Its always fun and competition working with Dylan.

“Ain’t Nuttin’ Better,” “In Time,” “Empty Promises” are all about the woman or women in your life, whether it is past or present. Do you find it easy to open yourself up like that to your listeners? You kind of let us know a little bit about your relationship on each track. Talk more about that and why you decided to place those three songs on the mixtape.

Dedrick: All of the songs are from different relationships and women in different points of my life. For me it’s not difficult to open up because the instrumentals guide me to what I want to talk about. Those three songs made the tape because I wanted to present more heart felt content. Love is the most powerful emotion there is so why not expand upon that.

“4 M.E” is a personal favorite of mine. I must admit that you have a gift for storytelling. Talk about the writing process of this song.

Dedrick: Thank you! I really value your opinion and that means a lot. “4 M.E” brought out my alternative side lol. Once again the beat just touched me in a way that made the words spill out of my pen. The “M.E.” in the title actually has a double meaning as my empire and the song is about me establishing it in this cold world but knowing I cant do it alone. Because of its length this project didn’t take very long to write and record so there’s not much to elaborate on as far as the writing process.

What’s next for Dedrick Jamaal?

Dedrick: As I briefly alluded to earlier i’ll have a full/ more in depth body of work to follow In Time called Journey of Kings that I made along with Dylan Cage. It’s that next step up from In Time and further into the world i’m creating. With those two mixtapes I have all I need to reintroduce myself to my day 1’s and introduce myself to my new supporters. Following Journey will be what I feel is the project I’ve been waiting to put together my whole career…T.a.t.a. It won’t be an album, but the listener won’t know any different.

Anything else you want to share with Limerence’s readers.

Dedrick: Be on the look out for Blacklight, Dylan Cage, Hey Daem, Jimi Jump, and myself. Thank you to all my supporters because its greatly appreciated. And much love and respect to Limerence magazine for having me!

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Hear it Now: Oh, Be Clever’s Smart New Single “My Chest”

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 1.23.46 PM

“My Chest” is a new, raw ballad from the electronic duo Oh, Be Clever out of Salt Lake City. Their sound is a refreshing blend of indie, electronic, soul sounds matched to fit any mood. However, their latest track is a slightly different from their typical up-tempo style.

Lyricist and vocalist Brittney Shields’ incredible tone is paired perfectly with the sounds of multi-instrumentalist Cory Scott Layton. This song, amongst all of the others, is a flawless representation of the band’s musical chemistry, its like they were made to perform and create together. Things have not always been smooth sailing for this duo, though.

In high school, Shields and Layton used to perform in separate, rival bands. The two groups loathed each other; even escalating to physical violence after they came to blows in a parking lot brawl following a gig. It was that night that Shields and Layton decided to split off from their respective groups to create Oh, Be Clever- and were so glad they did!

“My Chest” is a truly relatable song for anyone who’s ever been in a new, blossoming relationship. Shields writes, “My Chest’ is a really close song to me…This was one of those songs that just FELL out of my brain and onto my laptop. I was starting to date someone new and forgot how good it felt to feel those butterflies and even that pesky little emotion ‘fear.’ So I did what any gal should do…wrote it down and made it into a song.”

This heartfelt ballad has all the workings of a rock/pop anthem but with the intricate beats and melodic rhythm of a true indie track. The hook and chorus truly draw the listener in, while the twinkling and punching beats string the listener along in perfect, rhythmic harmony. This track is infectious and versatile; one that you can jam out to in the car or while chilling with friends at home. Listen below!

The incomparable song stylings of Oh, Be Clever are something you don’t want to miss out on, so find out more about them here:

Official Website:




Hear it Now: Azealia Banks Breaks Free, Isn’t “Chasing Time” Anymore


“I’m gonna have a fresh start.” – July 10, 2014

As Azealia Banks sent her message out into the Twittersphere with the intent to leave the Universal Music label, it was clear her career was at a crossroads. Her fans were left wondering what would be the next after her collaboration with Lazy Jay “212” gained heat in 2011. It seemed that maybe her reputation of having beef with other rappers created a negative image. Her choice to leave a label without releasing more than a trace of music (a single and a mixtape) and barely breaking the Billboard 200 chart (133) for only a week was questionable to say the least.

Azealia had other plans, however.

Now her newest single “Chasing Time”, released under her own independent record label, is a product of her uprising as a newly independent artist. Azealia has always been an artist on the rise but limited in the same sense. Her latest single debuted at No. 26 on Billboard’s Top Twitter Tracks, her highest since “ATM Jam” and “Heavy Metal and Reflective” peaked at 40 and 46, respectively – but her drama involving other rap and pop culture icons, including Perez Hilton, Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea combined with lack of maturity made her time on any chart short-lived and continued to negatively impact her image. Apparently, however, time has been good to Azealia.

With the release of “Chasing Time”, she dropped something catchy and conceptual. It has an instrumental track that doesn’t have a particular key, but is primarily carried by an electronic drum progression with some electronic elements such as synthesizers and sound effects. While she’s been learning about herself as a musician, her desires in relationships gained clarity as well. Using her own brand of lyricism, Azealia expresses her discontent in being with someone negative and how it has been holding her back from reaching her full potential – sound familiar? Could this song possibly be linked to how she felt Universal was holding her back? Either way, the ability to release a piece of work that finds a common ground between musical growth and personal growth is one of the most valuable connections between the heart and soul, and what ultimately comes through the studio speakers during the final steps of the post-production process.

In the case of Azealia, she’s done more than embrace a fresh start, whether it be with a new boyfriend or a new record label: as part of her personal growth, she’s been learning to accept and love herself for who she is and for why her fans love her. While having a controversial personality is nothing new in a music industry already containing the very icons and artists she butts heads with, Azealia Banks’ pursuit of time and career-altering decisions appears to have her headed in the right direction as a newly independent artist.

Check out her latest single “Chasing Time”:

For more information on Azealia Banks, visit:




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EDM Playlist: Slum Village Remix, Canblaster and Throwback from Skream

We all need some music to make us rock out at times. This week’s EDM playlist is guaranteed to make you dance and lighten the mood for the week. Take a listen to our playlist for this week featuring Slum Village,  Canblaster and others.

Slum Village – “Fall in Love (Moody Good Remix)”

Listening to the first 30 seconds of this song makes you feel like you’re listening to an old-school jam. Then there’s a surprise twist. The beat drops and gives the listeners an unexpected, but amazing change of pace. The beat isn’t as fast paced as other EDM songs, but the slow techno sound makes it unique. What makes the song more genius is the circular pattern of the song. As it ends, the song reverts back to its old school beat and leaves its audience in a daze.

Canblaster- “I Think about You”

“I didn’t know what I was thinking about most of the time, but I know what I am thinking about right now…I think about you.” Aside from the beautiful lyrics, the song has an eerie and mysterious vibe to it, especially with the bass being not too overwhelming.  If you want to hear a song that reminds you of the serene beat of raindrops, then give this song a listen to.

Major Lazer featuring Pharrell Williams- “Aerosol Can”

Major Lazer is made up of numerous DJs and American DJ, Diplo. Combine Major Lazer and Pharrell and the result is a mind blowing song. The song is very fast paced, upbeat and fun. The video itself is simple, but very artistic. The fact that Pharrell was rapping made the song more fun to listen to, especially since he rarely raps. He definitely surprised everyone by showing off his rapping skills.

Jack U (feat. Kiesza) – Take U There

Kiesza’s amazing vocal skills added to a beat that has a club and hip hop vibe creates an unforgettable song. The blend of sounds is truly magnificent and unique. Some would call this song electronic and others would call it dubstep, but no matter what the genre is, it is a masterpiece. It is simply a song that anyone could jam to.

Skream- “Nefariousa”

The buildup of the song leaves listeners wanting more and anticipating what the beat would do next. It starts out with a terrifying rhythm, making the song sound like it came of the soundtrack of a horror movie.  As the song progresses, the beat becomes more intense and louder. The excellent mixture of techno, dubstep and bass in this song makes it a great listen.

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