New Face on the Scene: Interview with Stateside

There is a new name in the indie post-hardcore music scene, who are ranking up on the Reverb Nation’s Top 20 Charts. Members Mike Tarry (vocals), Chip Su (guitar), Phil Zepeda (guitar), Jeff Meiers (bass) and Eliran Malakov (drums), collectively known as Stateside, have just finished their debut album, Stand Clear of Closing Doors, which will release on Feb. 7th and are optimistic about 2012. Their style, which they refer to as Poppy Hardcore Rock fuses an alternative sound with a taste of punk intensity. Rocking hard on their first single, Thoughts of Decadence, Stateside gives listeners the most ultimate rock experience. These guys have headlined at Webster Hall and played along with acts such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, I Am the Avalanche and Burn Halo. Stateside will be sticking around for a while in the music scene as their fans increase and their music expands. Now let the party start!  Stateside will have an exclusive listening party on AOL for their debut album. Stay tuned.

I had a chat with Stateside about their debut album, Stand Clear of Closing Doors, their favorite songs, and their future goals.


How did you guys form Stateside?

What started from a mesh of friends, roommates, co-workers and drinking buddies was boiled down to make up Stateside. The name is a term used by soldiers abroad.

Who are some of your musical influences?

A Day to Remember, Thrice, Brand New, Paramore, Silverstein

Your debut album is releasing in Feb 2012. How long did it take you guys to finish the album?

It took us about a year. Front to back it is an evolution of Stateside -musically and lyrically. We experimented with different directions throughout the year. We hope to carry over our progress into our future releases.

What are some your future goals?

We are doing an east coast tour this year. If other opportunities opened, we would love to do more touring.

Fun Fact:

Off the debut album, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Chip’s  favorite song is Make your Move. Jeff’s favorite is Out of Mind and Phil’s favorite track is Highs, Lows, and Everything Else.

Stateside would like to hear from you. Shoot them a message on Facebook ( and they will always write back!
For more information:

Catch one of their upcoming shows:

Tuesday, February 7th- New York NY – The Studio at Webster Hall

Thursday, March 29th– New York NY – Sullivan Hall

Saturday, March 31st– Blackwood NJ – Whiteman Square Men’s Club

Saturday, April 29th – Teaneck NJ – Mexicali Live

Saturday, May 19th – Atlantic City NJ – Le Grand Fromage

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