New Face on the Scene: Camay

Camay is an artist, lyricist, and songwriter. The young emcee is reaching new heights in the music industry and is taking the world by storm with her gritty storytelling, monster bars, and strong image. Her look is different from other female emcees and artists. She’s one of the guys but can handle her own in the male dominated music scene. She impressed many with her debut mixtape, A Drug Dealer’s Dream. The hip hop industry embraced her with open arms and now it is her time to show everyone that she has what it takes to make it. Her new EP, Judge Me may be some of her best work yet. Her first single, Judge Me is a hard hitter track that talks about the hypocrisy in the world. Her second single So High was placed on the semi-finalist list for the International Songwriters Contests, out of sixteen thousand other participants. Camay is a real emcee. Camay is here to win it.

I got the opportunity to talk to Camay about her musical upbringing, and her EP, Judge Me.


Lawanda Johnson: Talk more about your musical upbringing.

Camay: I was raised in a household filled with music. Both of my parents are very musically inclined, but [never made a career out of it]. They chose the family life instead.  My mom used MTV to keep me occupied as a baby.

LJ: Your latest single Judge Me is the truth. A lot of people are afraid to talk about taboo issues and often keep secrets from others and themselves. What made you write this song? What was going on at the time that made you think this is what the music industry needed to hear?

Camay: Thanks. Honestly, I wrote the track in ’09 when I was actually being judged literally, I was having run-ins with the law and mentally I was in a ‘me against the world’ state. I don’t make music according to what I think people need to hear; I just write what I feel. That track is more relevant now than it was in ’09 in my perspective. But at the time me feeling judged made me want to respond in the same manner by judging back, which is obviously hypocritical and that’s the real point of the record.

LJ: Talk more on your Judge Me EP. How did you prep for the EP?

Camay: I’m constantly writing music, so really the project was being worked on before I even consciously decided it was. It was originally called Red Mic Special; we had the artwork done and everything, but while we were shooting the video for  Judge Me, we caught some really powerful stills that became the cover for the project.

Overall the producers on the project were on board when I said I wanted to drop some new music. There was no point in keeping [the music] to myself.

*Check out Camay’s music video. for her single, Judge Me.

LJ: Describe your music and style in three words.

Camay: Real, raw, rap.

LJ: What’s next for Camay?

Camay: Shooting visuals for the rest of the songs on the EP… Judge Me set the bar kinda high for the rest. I have performances coming up for this spring/summer … I just wanna stay busy but with enough time to still create.

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