Artist on the Rise: B2DaDot

There is more to Barion B2DaDotMcQueen that meets the eye.

He is not just a rapper in this hip hop game, but he is a super producer, songwriter, and businessman. Many artists can learn a thing or two (or three) from B2DaDot.

This Delaware native knew he wanted to be an entertainer at the age of 14. With the ambition, determination, and faith, he was able to accomplish that dream.

B2DaDot has worked with great hip hop artists such as Cassidy, Fat Joe, Young Jeezy and B.O.B. Due to his recent success with previous studio writing and producing, B2DaDot has released seven mixtapes, The Dot Com Era (2003); Rookie of The Year (2005); Most Wanted (2006); Industry Ready (2007); Undisputed (2008); Deep Thoughts (2009) and most recently Money Hungry (2010).

On these mixtapes, B2DaDot shows off his lyricism and swag, which makes him a valuable player in the hip hop industry. Many of today’s rappers are in it for the fun of it and are not staying true to the essence of hip hop. B2DaDot is the artist who is in love with hip hop for eternity.

Some of his major accomplishments included a nomination for Producer and Rap Artist of the Year at the Underground Music Awards in 2010, features in The Source, Hip Hop Weekly and MIL Magazine, and achieving a CEO role for Star Made Music Group, which is an entertainment company and record label.

I got a chance to talked with B2DaDot about life as an artist, businessman, and producer, his company Star Made Music Group, and his new project Ciroc Life.


On being an artist, businessman, and producer:

B2DaDot is a rapper, producer, and songwriter. I consider myself to be a complete artist.  The businessman, owner of my own entertainment company Star Made Music Group and most recently part owner of a new clothing line Ketch Kouture which will be available very soon.”

On his influences:

Some of my influences would be Jay-Z, Cassidy, Diddy, Jadakiss, Eminem and a whole list of others.”

On what he can bring to hip hop:

“I want to add some more originality to the game.  My music is authentic, no gimmicks, no smoke, and mirrors. Everything I rap about is me, and real.”

On his label Star Made Music Group and his artists:

Star Made Music Group is coming along great. Everyone is working on their individual projects right now.  As far as artists to be on the look out for I would have to say, Nick Boots, E-Luc, Javonna and Heartboy YC.”

On his upcoming works:

I just release my latest project entitled Ciroc Life; we are preparing for a promo tour.  Also be on the lookout for my debut album entitled I Told You So and Star Made Music Group’s Compilation album entitled Stars In The Making.”

Separating the artist from the man:

One thing I want my fans to know about me is that I am still a fan of music.  I go and buy albums and support others albums just like they buy my stuff.  I am very normal and am a true fan of music myself.”

On his music and single Body Inkand Pass the Ciroc:

[Body Ink and Pass the Ciroc] “are records just happen organically. At the end of the day, I just want my music to be fun and be a complete representation of me. Whether it be club records, street anthems, storytelling, something for the ladies, etc.  When you listen to my album you will see the diversity and various types of records.”

 On what’s next for him:

“Next for me is the album and shopping for a new record deal.  There are definitely a few labels that have my attention right now that I would love to be a part of so we will see what happens. Oh, and not to forget the clothing line Ketch Kouture.”

Check out B2DaDot at:

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