Rita Ora Doesn’t Wow on Debut Album


British singer, Rita Ora’s debut album Ora  is as stale as bread. Despite her animated style and upbeat personality, there is nothing wild or original about the album.

It’s a shame because Ora has all the right seasonings to be good.  It has songs written and produced by industry big names like The-Dream, J- Cole, Major Lazer, Stargate and The Runners.  Names like that are sure to sell records but “Ora” doesn’t deliver anything more than a commercial sounding album.

Sure after listening to it four or five times it might start to grow on you, but a debut album is suppose to make you like it from the first listen!

Majority of the songs on the album sounds like a blend of r&b and electro-pop, but all the songs do not follow this guideline. “How we Do and “Uneasy” have a heavy pop sound which makes them stick out on Ora like a fish out of water.

While the opening song “Facemelt” has pretty much the sickest beat on the album, it ends to0 shortly at 1 minutes and 33 seconds. Rita sings on the song “it’s the kinda beat/that’ll make your/Make your face melt/ Make your face melt/ Make your/Make your face melt.”

The rest of the songs on the 12 track album talk about a variation of situations from lying about being happy (“Been Lying”) to living a wonderful live (“Roc the Life”).

It isn’t the lyrics or the subject matter that makes Rita Ora’s album a disappointment; it’s the expectation. With Rita seeming to be a very creative person, her album should have been unusual and not sound like everything else that’s out now.

It took Rita two years to complete the album. She should have taken two  more  if this is the best she could come with it.

The U.K got a taste of Ora. Now, the U.S can too, on Sept. 25.

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