Band on the Rise: What Looks Like Crazy


There’s nothing crazy with this band, just in the name. What Looks Like Crazy is a band that demands attention and it seems as though they are getting it! The VA based quartet just released their debut album, Bad Decisions, last week. The album is full of classic pop rock tracks and one in particular that really stands out is “Easy,” the lead single off of Bad Decisions. “Easy” is a straightforward approach of giving reality check to girls who are easy in everything. It is true, guys are not attracted to the easy girls. Done respectfully, “Easy” is a song that won’t offend, but will be speaking the truth.

I got the opportunity to talk with WLLC about how the band formed, their new single, “Easy,” and their dream collaborations.

On forming the band and the inspiration behind the name:

“It started as  (DJ Zaruba – Lead Singer) solo project two years ago. Finally,  family and friends encouraged me to find a whole band. I got the name from the title of a book called, What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day.”

On describing their sound:

“Fun. Catchy. Honest. Energetic.”

On making Bad Decisions:

We spent about three months in the studio in March of 2012 recording Bad Decisions at Red Sparrow Recording Studios in Wilson, NC with Brandon Ham. This was a great experience for us because it was the first time we got to record as an entire band. We even got to write one song together which is the title track of the album, which also happens to be my favorite. We spent a lot of time trying to create a little something for everyone in this record, and I really think we were successful. I hope everyone likes it a lot!”

On the concept of their lead single, “Easy”:

“Easy” is an anthem about girls who try too hard for attention. Or just go for the wrong guys in general. Some make it too easy to make love before falling in it. Falling in love is a lot harder than falling in lust, but lust only lasts for a period of time. Love can last forever.”

On their upcoming shows:

“We are in the process of planning our CD release show in our hometown this December. No solid date yet though. For now we are just having fun playing lots of birthday parties and house shows.”

On their dream collaboration:

“Adam Levine, Alexander DeLeon, Cady Groves, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts.”

On  what’s next for the band:

“We are going to be spending the rest of 2012 pushing the release of Bad Decisions and trying to get this music in as many people’s hands as possible.”

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