Ladies First! Interview with I AM PR CEO Olivia Dikambi


This young woman is definitely a go-getter. Olivia Dikambi has her eye on the prize and with every desire and ambition, she plans on reaching the top. A graduate from the La Sorbonne University in Paris, France, Olivia has all always had a love for music.  After obtaining a License in Business and International Trade,  she walked in the entertainment industry with her head held high and a practical business plan. It wasn’t until her connection with Beryl Orphes (360PR) that she discovered her calling, after coordinating a media and celebrity relations event for Europe’s biggest Basketball Tournament, “Quai 54.”

Olivia did a fearless act and relocated to New York City. She created and founded her own PR firm entitled, I AM PR Agency LLC, a platform for musicians and entrepreneurs to get exposure for their talent and businesses. Already frequent in 4 languages, including Spanish, Italian, and French, her global connects expanded! With a niche for social media and public relations, Olivia is admirable and a pleasure to work with.

Now managing over 100 artists (mainstream and indie), she continues to seek new talent, gain more business relationships, and strive to become one of the best PR agencies in New York City.

I had the opportunity of speaking with Olivia about her success story, her influences, and her biggest accomplishments. Businesswomen, musicians, and entrepreneurs take notes!

On being Olivia Dikambi:

I’m just a girl from Paris, France. I always loved music , and over the years I realized I had a knack for business, so I started my own agency which I co-founded with my husband. It’s a dream come true!”

On the uprising of I AM PR Agency LLC:

“It’s amazing how far we came, but it wasn’t always easy. We’ve put a lot of hard work, sweat and tears to be where we are today. We are constantly working on improving our services and systems. We are so grateful for the support of all our independent clients who believed in us early on, and made it possible for us to start representing bigger accounts.”

On the pros and cons in the music business:

The music business is fast-paced. The pros are that it’s constantly evolving, and there are so many genres of music, you learn something new everyday. You also meet a lot of people from all walks of life. The cons are the long hours,  dealing with so many deadlines, and the politics happening behind the scenes.”

On her influences:

I like women who are driven and have achieved so much: Oprah, Beyonce, Tyra [Banks]. On the men side, I love Jeremy Piven’s character in Entourage where he plays Ari Gold, a bold talent agent. I also love Jon Hamm’s character in Mad Men, where he plays Don Draper, a founding partner in an ad agency.”

On her biggest accomplishment:

“It’s hard to pick one because we have had so many great moments . But if I had to choose one, I would say representing over 100 clients is an incredible accomplishment!”

On her future plans:
In our future plans, we’d love to take our new system I AM PR 2.0 internationally. It’s a concept project that is currently in the works.

In a much better place that we are in today. We want a major presence within the marketplace. We want to double or triple our customer base.”

On advice to aspiring musicians:

“Learn the business first and foremost. No one will care about your business as much as you do. Build with the right people, and invest in the right things. Understand people’s role within your organization, it will save you a lot of trouble.

 If you have an idea, work on making it a reality. It’s worth it, and you will thank yourself later on. Always seek advise and be passionate, it’s contagious.”

For more information on PR Olivia, go to her website.


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