Why Are Young Adult Novels So Popular?


With the huge success and relentless accolades for young adult novels such as the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games, and Twilight it is safe to assume that young adult novels are a mega literary trend. A reason why young adult novels are so popular can be because young adults have more time to read than adults. Since they usually have a limited supply of money they have to create their own unique forms of entertainment like reading!

 Another reason can be because everyone wishes that they were in the age bracket of 18-25. Fresh out of puberty, ready for the world, naïve but not stupid, and the most attractive and energetic a person will ever be. (This is a rule and there is an exception to every rule, there are many people in their forties who have never looked better!). Maybe it’s because adults love to reminiscence about their golden years (18-25). Another reason might be because the literary world is extremely subjective so many are too scared to do something innovative or maverick-like. The fear of literary subjectivity constrains creativity and produces a disgusting formative literary industry. Since young adult books have been making their authors a lot of money, other authors try to imitate an already proven method of literary success.

I think this trend will not go away anytime soon. Young adult novels tell a story of coming of age and self-discovery. Whether the book is about regular people, spies, aliens, vampires, werewolves, fairies, dragons, ninjas, angels, demons, and/or monsters the story of growing up is the same. When you finally understand that the earth is round not as pure as we would all hoped it would be you have evolved into an adult. That is the magic of young adult novels, the story of letting go of your childhood and finding your older self.

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