Interview: Gloria Ry’ann Talks New Album, Advice For Young Artists


Singer-songwriter Gloria Ry’ann has worked with many musicians during her career, including soul legends like Patti Labelle and the late Teddy Pendergrass. After relocating from Chicago to New York, Gloria found her musical niche. New York was a refreshing city and a place where dreams came true. This soulful songbird can testify to that. With the help of her mentor, the world-renowned composer Dr. Mc Lin, and a supportive team and family, Gloria was able to face her fears, overcome her insecurities, and pursue her lifelong dream: music.

We caught up with Gloria Ry’ann to talk about her EP, Just Glow, facing challenges and advice for young musicians.

On facing challenges and releasing her EP, Just Glow:

“There’s so many challenges when working in this industry. Releasing the EP was a big one. I worked with two amazing producers on Just Glow. I am glad that I got the chance to work with such talented people.

I’ve been writing songs since I was eight. So I didn’t know how to put everything together and just put my music out there for the people to hear it. I would say as an artist that putting their stuff out there it can be scary. Some people are going to judge your music automatically and a lot of my music is so personal. Sometimes everything isn’t for everybody.  But with my music, I am opening up and telling my personal stories. I do have some insecurities about my music. But I remember the hustle and all the time that I put in from doing auditions or rehearsing.  Its a blessing in the end. I have worked with people who I’ve looked up to.  I really put my heart into my music. Sometimes you just have to be in the moment.  I’m very thankful and grateful.”

On relocating to New York:

“Now I’m actually on the west coast and the music scene is very different. I have been here for three months.

New York is very competitive. So many music venues and so many musicians with all kinds of talent. It’s a small world. You kind of know everyone that working and pursuing the same career as you. On the other hand, Chicago is a little smaller. Every Chicago artist that I know left Chicago to pursue their career like R. Kelly and Da Brat. But then they go back. I love my city and my family. But New York has a piece of my heart. ”

On advice for aspiring artists:

There is a lot of tears, laughter, and frustration. Working in this business is not easy. I won’t even try to paint it like its a piece of cake. There’s a lot of work that’s involved. However, if you feel like this is what you want to do and if you feel strongly about, then never give up. Everyday do something toward your career. Reach out to people. Get mentors. You never know until you ask. Once you open your mouth and ask you just may receive. Put yourself out there. Let people get to know you and hear your music. Go get gigs. Be open and have a great personality. You have to know actually what you want out this business. Stay focused. ”

On what’s next for her:

“I’m working on my [online presence]. Not the most tech savvy person (laughs). I am a more hands on type of person. [Beside that], I am in the studio now, working and recording some new material. I look forward to this new project. It’s going to be old school. I write a lot of love songs, so the music always reflect the lover in me. Look for more love anthems for me. I may get a little naughty on my songs. I am not afraid of being naughty! (Laughs). Overall, expect the personal side of me.”

For more information on Gloria Ry’ann, check her out here.


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