Dasha Ware of Rising Star Group LLC Talks Business


Dasha Ware, the founder of Rising Star Group, specializes in brand consulting and increasing internet value for celebrities, entrepreneurs, and entertainment brands for the US, UK, and Europe. Rising Star Group is a digital artist development company.

She recently spoke with I Am PR Agency about her company and what’s next in store for her. She also gives some advice to college students looking to head in the same career path. “I’ve found that I enjoy working in a challenging environment,” she says. “We help brands meet their sales and marketing goals by leveraging social media platforms to reach potential fans and secure their current audience worldwide.”

Having been in the industry for 20 years, Dasha says to “stay focused and keep it simple”.  Last year she worked with a teen artist and when the interviewer and the camera person cancelled at the last minute, her solution was to film and do all the interviewing herself. “Good thing I’m a jack of all trades!” she jokes.

When asked what advice she would give to college students about the branding and marketing business, one of the first things she says is to “self-brand themselves properly.” She states that LinkedIn is an excellent way to go about doing this.

“They should create a profile and create a proper tagline and not just leave it as student… but actually put a branding message in there, use it like an introduction piece with their USP or elevator pitch.”

She mentions box.net as a good complement to LinkedIn for papers and reports. “Also join marketing groups and associations for students; this can be a big help when looking for employment.”

In 2013, Dasha will be launching her new non-profit organization Protect My Kitty. It will be an organization catering to prevention, awareness, and education of gynecological cancers. In addition to that, Rising Star Group has also secured international partnerships with overseas market key players (India, Germany, London, Holland, and Australia).

“We are working hard to give talent in the US an opportunity to be seen and grow in the overseas marketplace.”


For more information on The Rising Star Group or services, log onto www.therisingstargroup.com.


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