Six Most Interesting Indie Videos of 2012


From the extremely wild and bizarre to the calm and predictable,  music videos are  probably the most  interesting ways to learn more about an artist or song.  It takes a lot of creativity and thinking to produce the  concept, ideas and visuals that make up the music video.

Here are my top six indie much videos!

“Butterfly”- Delicate Steve

Let’s see, there is a girl doing the hula hoop, a girl with a sword on her head, a lady talking with puppets, bubbles, a man juggling while balancing on a ball and a lot more. As Delicate Steve’s “Butterfly” drums on in the background, this cast of weird and unusual characters carries on with their task. And did I mention a weird love at first sight scene with a guy and a tree carving?


“Light of Love”- Miracles Club

If there is two things I can count on the Miracles Club for is to make me want to dance and creep me out.  Miracles Club’s videos always have an eerie vibe to them that makes me feel like either I’m somewhere stuck back in time or I’ve stumbled into another dimension where everyone is  freaking rad.


“If You Love me”- BenZel & Jessie Ware

This song is a covered of the 1994 single by girl group Brownstone.  It may be too artsy fartsy for some because it  stars a women’s silhouette filled with different textures and particles. The visuals are beautiful as the different patterns appear and disappear  It’s almost like looking at a lava lamp float.


With You” – Drms

DRMS’ lead singer has a beautifully haunting voice and this video only helps amplify that.   I don’t know why they are there or whether or not they are trapped ,but a lot of  unearthly things that are taking place in a house in this video.  You’ll just have to watch it to see what im talking about.


“Boyfriend” – Best Coast 

There’s nothing more sweeter then watching young love blossom and glow. As the main girl is celebrating her sweet 15, she’s always falling in love for the first time. There are looks across the table, hand grabs, smiles…everything that would make you say awww.


“Be my Man” – Asa

Inspired by a 1950’s diner, this video mixes the past and present perfectly. There is cool dancing, cooler fashion and funky characters throughout the video. Asa video embodies fun.

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