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Ratham Stone appeals to the everyday listener, whether they are interested in rock, pop, or hip hop, the foursome can do it all. Identical twin brothers, Adam and Andrew Lipinski know how to rock out and please the crowd in every live performance. Their music has been featured on MTV shows like Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant and more. 2013 will be a huge year for them. Ratham Stone plans to drop six EPs in six months in different genres. Keep your eyes open and your ears alert!

We got the opportunity to talk with Adam and Andrew about their upcoming plans, their shows, and releasing new music.

On forming the band:

Adam: “We started the band in 2010 and Andrew and I were kind of working on our own project. As far as the name is concerned, we wanted something unique. Whereas when something does the search, our name would be the first to pop up. [Ratham Stone] started out as a nickname at first. Then the name just kind of stayed around. So we wanted something unique and our [image] was cool. We did the whole twin thing. (Laughs). So everything worked out.”

On releasing six EPs in six months:

Adam: “In the past year, we’ve been writing so many songs. One of our good friends is a producer, so we teamed up with him along with some other people. Just to record some of the songs that we have written. Our plans is the release an EP each month with some music videos as well.”

Andrew:  “So the lead songs from each EP will have a visual for it.”

On what the listeners can expect from their new material:

Adam:  “It’s going to be a bunch of great songs. Definitely some diversity with our sounds.”

Andrew: “We had a hip hop album and the next album will be a lot more poppy and radio-friendly. We are going to move into Americana and have some music that’s kind of folky as well. There will be the typical love songs with a little indie pop sound.”

On their upcoming shows:

Adam: “Yup, we have a show on February 20th, playing in downtown Orlando. The 15th we have a show at a place called The Venue. Then we have a show on the 16th had a venue called Thirsty Bones.”

On their future plans:

Adam: “Our main goal is to keep writing and recording material. Keep playing shows and get more fans. We are trying to get more shows at different colleges across the country. We definitely want to travel and go places we’ve never been.”

Andrew: “Obviously to keep on releasing videos and keep promoting ourselves in social media.”

For more information on Ratham Stone, check out the twins here. 


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