Five Best Romantic Comedies of the Eighties


The eighties produced a staggering number of hilarious romantic comedies. Here are five of the most memorable and endearing romantic comedies of the decade (in no specific order):

Say Anything
Say Anything (directed by Cameron Crowe, released in 1989) is a romantic comedy with humor that still seems fresh decades later. Starring a young John Cusack in one of his first movie roles, Say Anything is the story of an average, recently-graduated high school student who attempts to start a relationship with Diane, who also just graduated and is planning to depart to England at the end of the summer.

In this 1980 film which won 3 Academy Awards and was nominated for six more, an idealistic Italian-American widow (Cher) falls in love with her fiancé’s crazy younger brother (Nicholas Cage). Moonstruck is a classic romantic comedy not just of the eighties, but of all time.

When Harry Met Sally
Directed by Rob Reiner, When Harry Met Sally (1989) is the story of two people (Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan) who have entirely different personalities but fall in love nonetheless. Their hilarious dialogues and awkward situations have been the inspiration for countless parodies.

The Princess Bride
Also directed by Rob Reiner, The Princess Bride (1989) is a classic fairy tale that features monsters, giants, a six-fingered man, lightning sand and an endearing romance at the center. Featuring the classic line “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die,” The Princess Bride is an iconic romantic comedy.

Sixteen Candles
Sixteen Candles (1984, directed by John Hughes) is the story of a girl who hoped for a perfect sweet sixteenth birthday– but instead faces an endless series of embarrassments. The movie’s outrageous and bittersweet humor has ensured it an immovable place in pop culture.

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