Pick-Up Artist Training – Is It Any Good?


You’ve probably heard of Pick-Up artists, people specialised in devising the most direct ways of approaching women. You’ve probably heard quite a bit as well about the tactics that they use, which are almost always underhanded and sometimes genuinely dishonest. But you have probably also heard of how effective they purport to be. If you are considering employing some Pick-Up artist techniques or maybe even starting a course (as there are plenty available through websites and webinars) read this before you get started.

First of all, let’s discuss pick-up artist tactics. If you want to employ them you have to be able to go out of your way, step out of your comfort zone for a date. You have to be able to dissimulate and employ some standard tricks about body language eye and physical contact. Of course, PUA training wil increase your chance at landing a date with a random stranger but most programs will only provide you with formulaic and highly scripted approaches to conversation and interaction. While you can get a professional that really knows how to maximise your chances of a pick-up and knows how to impart that knowledge onto you in a simple and easily digestible manner, you are more likely to come across somebody who has some success with women but has no idea how to teach others.

There are numerous sites that offer dating tips, but in order to maximize your chances of a classy pick-up you don’t really need the type of coaching offered everywhere on the internet. Instead you should opt for programs that focus on building up your self-confidence, teach you interaction with women and don’t offer quick and easy fixes for your ‘game’. Pick-Up is an art form and you can’t really teach art to people. Instead you should teach yourself to be a better ‘artist’. Increase your approach techniques, grooming and attractiveness and learn all the basics of contact and interaction. The perfect ‘pick-up’ program is not a pick-up program at all but a workshop in improving your image both to yourself and others without compromising. There is more to dating than ‘negs’ and there are better ways to attract the attention of women.

So is a Pick-up class worth it? Not if it’s formulaic and based on gimmicks. A true course that helps you improve your interaction with others, women included is worth spending your time on—A class on ‘Peacocking,’ not so much.


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