Ten Things to Know About R.Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet


Over a span of seven years, R.Kelly has provided us with a storyline full of twists and turns as well as odd and ridiculous characters via his Trapped in the Closet series.

Here are ten things you should know about Trapped in the Closet

It’s an up and coming musical.

According to, R.Kelly was offered a chance to make Trapped in the Closet into a Broadway play. If all go rights, it might even worthy for a Tony.

33 chapters are officially done.

Although R.Kelly told Co.Create that he has 85 more chapters still in him, only 33 chapters have been released for us to see.

There’s a video for every chapter.

For each chapter that R.Kelly releases, he also records a video. So not only do you get to hear these wacky stories, you get to watch them unfold too.

There’s a DVD out right now.

For the fans who really like watching Trapped in the Closet, you can buy a DVD that has chapters 1-22 on it.

Who’s Sylvester?

Trying to keep up with all the characters in Trapped in the Closet can be confusing. It’s good to know who the story started out with before you get into all of the drama. R.Kelly’s series started with Sylvester being trapped in the closet when the girl he was sleeping with’s husband came home.

The musical started out as a song.

Chapter 1 through 5 was just suppose to be a 5 part song cycle on R.Kelly’s album “Tp3 Reloaded”.

Could this be a future New York Times Best Seller?

He plans to make the Trap in The Closet series into a long book.

“I wanted the book to be nice and thick so people would say, “Wow, this is a pretty big book. He’s got a lot of stories to tell,” R.Kelly told Co.Create.

R.Kelly stated this was an unplanned success.

At first when he wrote the first chapter his record company wasn’t for it. They did not like that it did not have a hit. He convinced them otherwise.

“We eventually did six more chapters to show them that there was more that I could do. Once they heard four or five chapters, they could pretty much see the story in their head, and they were forced to take a chance on this and we got the videos made,” he told Co.Create.

Many characters are played by the same person.

To create his story lines with his characters, Kelly likes to dress up as if he is them.

“ I usually have to go find some clothes to bring that character out of me. Say, for instance, if I get stuck on what Pimp Lucious is gonna say, what his actions are gonna be, I would usually go and get a tight suit and some tacky clothes and put a wig on and get some glasses and a cane, and walk around the studio until I feel like I am Pimp Lucious,” he said.

There’s a package that needs to be explained.

In the series, it was mentioned that someone received “The Package”. Since that was said, fans of the series have been trying to figure out what the package is. Although Kelly’s hasn’t released that information yet, he says it’s coming.

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