The Two Polo Shirt Styles that Might Revolutionize Fashion


Polo shirts might not be the first item of clothing that you think of, when considering innovative sartorial designs or clothing that has the potential to revolutionize the future of fashion. However, they are timeless by all accounts, which must be the reason for which they keep cropping up on runways and in designer fashion catalogues. Below, you will find two styles of polo shirts that are about to make waves and cause talk on the fashion scene, and which any self-respecting male fashionista needs to consider as part of their must-have purchase catalog for the coming spring.

The Heat-Sensitive Polo Shirt from Lacoste

In 2013, the Lacoste brand is celebrating eighty years since its founder, Rene Lacoste, designed his very first polo shirt. As such, in December of last year, they announced they were coming out with a brand-new concept shirt, which builds off the previously seen design for heat-sensitive jeans. If their video ad is anything to go by, the Lacoste polo shirt of the future will be touch-responsive. A simple touch with one’s fingertip will be able to completely transform the shirt, by making it change color and pattern, by making the logo appear or disappear, or even by making the sleeves grow or shrink, in accordance with the weather. It will even be able to keep score during a tennis match, Lacoste is saying! And since some of you may have gotten a bit stuck in time, around the heyday of Jetsons-style sartorial expectations, this might just be the item you’ve been waiting for all your life.

The Fred Perry 60th Anniversary Polo Shirt

The Fred Perry label decided to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary in business by mixing customization with charity. The brand signed on sixty of the world’s most topical, trendy, young, and imaginative fashion designers. They were handed a classic polo shirt emblazoned with the brand’s wreath logo, and told them to get as creative as they wanted to. Karen Walker, Damon Albarn, Raf Simons, The Specials, and Neville Brody are some of the designers enrolled in the effort. Their designs will be exhibited at Dover Street Market starting January 26 and auctioned off later on in 2013. All proceeds from the auctioned shirts will go to the Amy Winehouse Trust. The charity, which is run by the late singer’s father Mitch, aims to educate young people on the detrimental effects that drug and alcohol abuse can have on their lives. They are providing a support network to youths dealing with such problems, while also running awareness campaigns and fundraising charity events for this purpose.


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