Interview: Erica Glyn


Erica Glyn is a rare gem. She’s an artist, songwriter, musician, producer, engineer and so much more. Her sound and style can give Florence Welch and Tori Amos a run for their money. This NYC based rocktronica artist recently teamed up with Substream Music Press for her world premiere for her new music video, “In Silence.” The haunting and catchy tune has received an amazing response from the blogosphere and music lovers. Her latest album, Static is the epitome of an emotional, yet memorable collection of songs about life, love, and finding oneself. Erica has written, recorded, and produced her latest project, with the help of a collection of talented musicians and producers.

The triple threat has an awesome story to tell from her discovery of music, to preparing for Static, and to learning from music opportunities such as mixing and producing. We got the opportunity to talk with Erica Glyn about her musical experience.

On discovering her love for music:

“Well, my grandmother and my uncle bet me a lot of money that I couldn’t go without television. I was around 12 at the time. I was totally up for the challenge. The bet was for 6 months and I went those 6 months without watching any T.V whatsoever. Since I had free time, I listened to music continuously. That’s kind of how it all started. I was so focused on making music, that I wasn’t paying attention on school (laughs). It was a new [passion].”

On being a triple threat and if other artists should be more well-rounded:

“I think it depends what each artist’s goals are. Technology is changing and now it is more important to know how to work with new technology and what it has to offer. It’s crucial for an artist to have more say of what their sound should be like. However, they are more people who are more interested in just singing and performing. That’s their job and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s their specialty. As for trying to describe a certain sound, let’s say an artist is looking for a sound that is weird. Weird means nothing in musical terms. What does that mean? So if you are a musician who is looking for what that means, then he or she needs to produce their own music.”

On writing, recording, and producing her album, Static:

“I wrote the sounds very quickly. I was going through something, as we all do. I had been playing with bands up until that point. So I decided to do this one without a band. I really took my time with it. I wasn’t on a deadline. I was really looking for something that was meaningful and something that sounded good to me. I asked a lot of musicians who were kind of out of my legend for their [help]. It was sort of a big deal for me to know what they thought and they did their best on the collaborations. It was an exciting process for me. I did a lot of things over the Internet for everyone with their home studio. That way people had time to do their part, without any rushing. They would send me audio files and it was like waking up to Christmas. Like what did they send me, I was so excited!

I downloaded the track and saw what fits. I was amazing. However mixing was a little difficult. I am not really a mix engineer; it’s like a totally different job (laughs). People have been doing this for years and years. I have done it before with my music, but not often. It’s not something I am passionate about. For [Static], I was looking for someone else to mix it, but he didn’t do it how I wanted it. It was all wrong. So to make lemonade out of lemons, I recognized it as an opportunity to do it myself. I had a vision for it and I produced it. I did have a wellknown mix engineer check it out.

Then after that, CLA remixed a couple of songs. But they weren’t remixed like a dance remix, but he got his hands on it and wanted to make it sort of “pop” or commercial. He didn’t quite say it like that, but something similar. I was hesitant at first. He did a six part interview, on the last part of it, he interviewed me and asked to remix some songs. It started out with me saying no because I worked on it for so long. He’s such a powerhouse force in the industry, so it would have been really, really dumb, if I had said no as my final answer (laughs). I loved what he did and I was proud of it.”

 On what fans can expect from her shows:

“It will be quite an experience. Just playing a track and performing to it seems sort of [boring]. I wanted to do something different. I want a natural experience, live band, sort of an electronic sound. From banging on drums to using your voice is easier to connect with as respond to as human beings. So to have a drummer and kind of have a musician besides myself playing live and having a great time is what I am aiming for.”

On what’s next for her:

“I will be producing some sounds for other [musicians]. I think we are looking to do an EP. I have someone else who wants to do an EP with me also. I am excited about that. I hope that I will stay busy and do all of these things for the new year.”

For more information on Erica Glyn, check out her website.


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