Chaddy Royal Brings Authentic Reggae to the Indie Airwaves


Chaddy Royal’s distinctive sound and elevating message is on the verge of re-exposing the world to true original reggae.

This Brooklyn native, coming by way of Baltimore, MD, was a poet first. Led by a love for hip hop, he later developed his poetry into a musical form. Staying true to his Rastafarian roots, Chaddy Royal incorporates a social cognizance that can only derive from a devout Rastafari lifestyle. In his song “Jah Jah Lives within I,” Chaddy speaks of peace movements, singing “Music is my cure, reggae is the remedy.”

Royal’s debut album The Awakening combines stylistic elements of Jamaican ska, American jazz, R&B, and soul to create a very characteristic sound. This album is definitely listen-worthy, as it exposes the listener to a variety of reggae sounds. Some songs offer a traditional roots sound, while others combine reggae and R&B to create a more contemporary appeal.

It’s clear that Chaddy Royal is blazing the indie airways with good reggae music. We can trust him as an artist. After all, he traveled to South Africa to record his debut album with producer Bereket Tafari. His decision to record his album in Africa sheds light to his realness factor. It shows how in tuned he has become with his spiritual self and with the origin of roots music.

Chaddy Royal released hot new singles in early 2012. His single “Keep and Care” is accompanied by a compelling music video that opens up with a West African proverb and portrays Royal as a street messenger. This notion not only replicates in his music video, but in all of his music.

It’s safe to say that we will be hearing plenty more of Chaddy Royal. Let’s hear a second album emerge. The world needs more peace, love, and reggae, and he’s the one that can bring it!


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