Book Review: Peck: A Book by J.L. Hohler


The bildungsroman, or coming of age story, is a great plot device that has been used for centuries. Sometimes people do it justice, and other times people do not. In this case, though, J.L. Hohler, III’s Peck: A Book hits it right on the head.

Hohler’s novel is about the life of Cecilia Peck, just “Peck” for short, and showcases her life in nine stories throughout her childhood, adolescence, college life, and adulthood, while giving the reader an insight into the milestones and tribulations she undergoes.

Something that is really great about the book is the emphasis that Hohler puts on the relationship that Peck has with her mother. What is also interesting is how that affects most aspects of her life, such as marriage, dealing with death, etc. In Peck’s case, the saying “Like mother, like daughter,” is quite close to her heart. Whether she likes it or not.

The storyline got a little slow in the middle, but it was otherwise very thought-provoking and relatable, getting back up to speed just in time for an stimulating ending.

Hohler does a great job capturing Peck’s life and making it a worthwhile read. This coming-of-age-story is highly recommended to just about anyone, especially those who enjoy realistic fiction and the mother-daughter dynamic.

Limerence Review Rating: 4.5/5


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