Five Reasons Why You Should Listen to Carolyn Malachi


Carolyn Malachi introduces the world of music to a celestial combination of sultry earth and vibrant blue sky. This D.C. native embodies a brand new era of neo-soul. Here are five reasons why you should listen to Carolyn Malachi and then tell all of your musically inclined friends about how phenomenal she is:

1. Her Unique Voice

Carolyn Malachi gives listeners an eargasm. You will not hear another sound like this one. Her melodic voice and inventive sound leaves you with no other option than to you close your eyes, nod your head and enjoy the harmonious ride.

2. She’s Widely Acknowledged

In 2011, Carolyn Malachi’s “Orion” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Urban/Alternative Performance. Furthermore, she’s been acknowledged by BET, Centric TV, FOX News and even Microsoft, who featured her video “Beautiful Dreamer” on Windows Media Guide.

3. Her Powerful Lyrics

Not only is she a talented singer, she’s quite the lyricist. Similar to the likes of the legendary Lauren Hill, her message is powerful, her metaphors are innovative and she takes neo-soul to a new level of sound and feel.

4. She’s Community-Minded

In addition to offering the world phenomenal music, she’s a pillar of the community. Carolyn is involved with non-profit organizations such as The School Fund, which helps kids in third world countries like India and Haiti get back into school.

5. Talent Runs in the Family

She is the prodigy of great-grandfather and jazz-pianist John Malachi, who toured around the country with other jazz musicians such as Sarah Vaughn and Pearl Bailey. The talent that runs through this lineage is undeniable. Carolyn continues her great-grandfathers legacy by gracing the world with incredible music.

Visit Carolyn Malachi at Her album Lions, Fires & Squares can be found on iTunes and Amazon.


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