The Black Sunn

Meet The Black Sunn


The Black Sunn is an aspiring hip-hop artist from Baltimore, MD. Reminiscent of an early Q-Tip syndicated with his own schematic flow, The Black Sunn’s music parallels the widely recognized authenticity, realism and positivity of true hip-hop music. This self-proclaimed Mr. Good Bar credits Wu-Tang Clan and EMPD for rousing his inner MC. Now, this 22-year-old is on his ultimate grind, delivering music that he hopes will touch the world, teach the world and invite his listeners into his own universe.

It’s safe to say that not many young artists are bold enough to drop knowledge on the community like the Black Sunn does. His song “DMV (Everyone Knows) ft. 810” delivers a remarkable message about the importance of love, and respect and unity across Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. While most up and coming DMV artists are busy competing against one another  to prove who goes harder, The Black Sunn makes it his business to coalesce the tri-state and end the rivalry. In “DMV (Everybody Knows),” The Black Sunn says, “…B-more and P.G. [Prince Georges County], and Mo-Co. [Montgomery County], and D.C., see we be on the same shit just different sonnets.”

One can appreciate The Black Sunn’s artistry and dedication to exposing Baltimore and it’s artists in a different light. The Black Sunn’s most recent album, United Division, is a collaborative record featuring 810, also coming by way of Baltimore. We enjoyed The Black Sunn’s verse on most songs, including “All’s Fair (Love Warefare)” and “Ghost Town”, however, collaborating with 810 might not have been the best idea. The Black Sunn’s lyricism is strong enough to stand alone. Up-and-coming artists should never do an entire project with an artist who is not as rhythmically developed as themselves. We look forward to hearing The Black Sunn develop mainly as a solo artist.

You can find out more artist info and check out The Black Sunn’s music by going to or by following him on Twitter @theblacksunn.

Click to watch The Black Sunn and 810’s DMV (Everybody Knows)


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