Playlist of the Month: 5 Songs For February

The month of February is a time of love and reflection and time of pain or triumphs of the heart.  For this month, we have compiled a list of some (newish) songs to set the mood for then next weeks that will bring a little comfort and understanding to your ears.

Grizzly Bear’s newest album Shields, out since September, is a compilation of emotionally strong lyrics and gorgeous melodies. “Sleeping Ute” is the first track off the album, and is a beautiful opening to the rest. It can best be described as such: You are a badass cowboy in the desert facing your enemy – The Black Shadow of the West. Guns drawn, shots fired and your comrades charge with you at the front towards Black Shadow and his gang of miscreants. You get shot, you fall, death seem close at 3 minutes and 11 second into the song. The Angel of Death appears, and carries your spirit to the sweet gates of heaven – home of the setting sun. Your name is a legacy.

“Ho Hey” – The Lumineers

A pretty popular song right now with number 4 on the Billboard Top 100, this catchy diddy is a loving chorus of vocals with some poppy instrumentals that makes everyone stop and go “aw”. Perfect for all you lovers during Valentine’s Day, the lyrics should soothe any sweetie with the line “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweet-HEART.” Oh, feel the love.

“Maps” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“Wait they don’t love you like I love you.” Karen O, your fierceness and bravery is just enough to get any lovesick individual through this time of year.  “Maps” comes in to provide the perfect soundtrack to your glum. If you can’t spend the time with someone you love, why not spend it with Karen O. We have a feeling she’d be a good lover.

“Set Fire to the Third Bar” – Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright

Let’s just keep with the said solemn theme. This little duet keeps popping up on our Pandora, and has been stuck in our heads for weeks. With a chorus reading “I’m miles from where you are/I’d lay down on the cold ground/I pray that something pick me up/And sets me down, in your warm arms”, you can hear the absolute longing reverberating in the melancholy tones. Roll up in a blanket, watch home movies, and reminisce about the younger years. All will be well in the morning.

“A Tattered Line of String” – The Postal Service

The Postal Service put out a new track! Ben Gibbard we missed you so! If you expected after all this time that The Postal Service might have lost there edge, boy were you wrong. The new track poses some poppy electronics and instrumentals that frame Gibbard’s vocal perfectly in proper storytelling fashion. Focused clearly on the concept of the constant state of change and that nothing is everlasting, Gibbard sings,“You’ve got the tattered line of string/And you tied round everything/That you want to call your own/But it never seems to hold”. We bow in your presence boys, and thank you for lightening up the month of February.

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