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Hillary Capps is full of surprises. The young singer-songwriter is artistic, talented, and inspiring. She is an ukulele jazzy-pop songstress with vibrant style and amazing vocals. By the time she turned twenty, Hillary released two full length albums:  A Perfect Dozen and Playlist.

After graduating from Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts with a B.A in Music and Culture and Media Studies, Hillary went on to pursue her career in music, perfecting her craft.

Her newly release Maybe in the Morning, six track EP  is full with catchy songs, haunting melodies  and thought provoking lyrics. With a heavy influenced in soul and pop artists such as Paul McCartney, Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, and Adele, Hillary Capps will soon be one of the honorable mentions in due time. Watch 2013, Hillary Capps is coming for you!

We got the chance to Hillary about her newly release, Maybe in the Morning, shows, and what’s next for her. 

On her artistry:

“Basically I grow up in Vermont and it all started from there. I moved to New York when I was 18 to attend a college. I had a voice scholarship. I have been working on music for the past five years and I transfer to the New School and studied music there as well. I grow up singing jazz mostly. My dad is a jazz guitarist. He sort of inspired me to sing. I began to performing at 16 at special events like weddings. Now I am writing my own music, which is a lot more pop.”

On working on her new EP, Maybe in the Morning:

“It was definitely a collaborative project. I started writing songs maybe three years ago. As far as the recording process, I did a lot of the recording in Vermont in my dad’s studio. So having a dad that’s a jazz guitarist came in handy (Laughs). I did the rest of the recordings here in the city [New York]. In terms of the musicianship, at that time I wasn’t performing, so I didn’t have a set band. There was a lot of people playing on the album, from friends to professionals. Over the time of three months or something, we got all of the parts together. It happened pretty nicely too.”

On three myths about indie artists:

“The fact that some people think you have to be talented to be an artist. You don’t.With today’s technology In music you could make basically anyone’s voice sound good for a pop track. The notes can be pitched/tuned to make them sound higher clearer and better than they were actually sung. Cool, but scary. Makes the experience less organic And for a potentially disappointing experience when you watch the singer live.

Another one is that you can get lucky and be “discovered” by an A&R/label dude nowadays. I guess this still happens but it’s MUCH more rare now than it used to be. You have to have a strong online presence/following and already be somewhat established to get noticed. All about working hard and building it up. Which is what I’m in the process I doing! Constantly doing things for music now (go to shows, play shows, open mics, make videos, write, record, connect with anyone and everyone) and hopefully it’ll come back to us with a bit of luck down the line.

Another, lastly, is that people think artists are always crazy or eccentric. Some of us are fairly normal. (Laughs).”

On upcoming shows or previous shows:

“A lot of things have been popping up and I have a problem of saying “no” to things (Laughs). I like finding new music opportunities. I did a couple of shows here in New York. I performed at the Ella Lounge, The Living Room, and the Rockwood Music Hall. I was very excited about the show at Rockwood Music Hall. That was my first time performing there.”

On what fans can expect from her live shows:

“You will find a range of stuff between ukulele relaxing soul pop to a jazzy balance like my song, “September.” I like to get everyone involved at my shows, from singing along to [dancing]. My shows have a lot of range with changes and shifts from time to time.”

On artists she would like to tour with:

“I can give you like a lineup for every year. (Laughs). There are so many great artists. I would tour with artists that have a similarity to my style. Maybe Sara Bareilles, who’s my favorite pop singer-songwriter or Ingrid Michaelson.  If it was possible, definitely the Beatles!”

On what’s next for her:

“I am always making new music. So hopefully I can put another release out in the summer. I’m not sure if it will be a full album or EP, but it is definitely in the work. Lastly, I am pushing for a tour in the next year and a half.

For more information on Hillary Capps, just out her website. 


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