Interview: Teen Girl Scientist Monthly


Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, made mostly of NYU grads, is an innovative band with such great force of energy and passion for music. The band was formed in August 2010 with Matt Gliva (bass), Matt Berger (guitar, vocals), and Morgan Lynch (vocals) and later joined by Pete Scalzitti and Melissa Lusk (keyboards) and Hiroyuki Matsuura (drums). These musicians are down to earth and too cool to forget.

They’ve just released their debut album called Modern Dances and their single “Summer Skin”  is already a hit, with heavy rotation on Culture Brats and Panic Manual. Teen Girl Scientist Monthly are definitely on cloud nine with highly praises for their debut album and successful single.

TGSM will be touring the Northeast this Spring in support of the new release and at shows they’ll be selling a download of the debut with purchase of their very own hard copy Choose Your Own Adventure Book.  At 88 pages in length and 14 different endings, you’re the new manager of Teen Girl Scientist Monthly and have to navigate the band to fame and fortune.

Before the band hit the road, we got the chance to to TGSM’s Matt about their loyal fans, upcoming shows and making the video for their single, “Summer Skin.”

On their documentary, Wall of Heroes:

“We found funding for our first album. It’s amazing when you make something and have people say we believe in you and we want to help be a part of it. We were grateful for those that helped so we wanted to give perks to people that donated some of the things that they did and find a way to send them praises. So we ended up coming up with this idea where we’d post all of their names to a wall and came up with un-totally, non-fictionized, absolutely true hard facts, wink wink (laughs). We read this out loud last summer at our release show. After that, we still didn’t feel like it was enough, so a couple weeks after that I sat down and wrote a fun documentary for them based off of what we wrote for the release show. We really appreciate them.”

On filming the video for their single, “Summer Skin” and coming up with a theme:

“We spent a lot of the summer together working on the album. We scheduled a couple tour dates in the summer in Philly and Boston where we have friends and family just to get out of town. This was the perfect ending to the summer. So we went out there with our director and basically our friend suggested that we should do a bunch of summer stuff and have some fun together. So the video is basically the combination of being crazy and drinking and having a working summer.”

On what fans can expect from their upcoming shows:

“We have rehearsed a lot. So what our fans can expect is some new music; which might be a little weird because we just released the album, but a lot of the songs in Modern Dance are songs that we have been playing or working on building since august 2010. Some of the songs were a year or two old by the time we the album actually came out. We are really excited to play some new music in our shows for our fans.”

On their special feature when purchasing their single:

“Our first single was the “Summer Skin” and we did a feature adventure to that one. Our idea for that was based off of the fact that people don’t really buy CD singles or CDs unless they come to a show; so we wanted to give something to the people that actually wanted to buy the single. So after they bought it, inside would be something that would have a code and with that code they could download something pertaining to the band”.

For more information of Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, check out their website!

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