Ndelible is Undeniably Gifted


The first time we heard the band Ndelible was at an open-mic event in downtown Baltimore, MD called Organic Soul. After an amazing night filled with poets, singers, and mixtures of both, Ndelible (who was the featured band) got onstage and performed about five songs from their debut album Time and Chance. Ndelible sophisticatedly lead every person in a seat into a melodic trance. Their impeccable blend of neo-soul, blues, rock, R&B, funk, and jazz created an ambiance felt across the entire room.

This group is undeniably gifted. Ndelible has a new sound that combines elements different musical genres. Anytime a band can rock the house and leave the crowd euphorically standing in ovation is certainly worth mentioning. The lead singer and acoustic guitarist David James brings a multifaceted element to this band. After listening to the latest album Mammoth Mixtape, we learn that David is not only amazing on the acoustic guitar, but he is also a rapper, poet, and brilliant singer. Mammoth Mixtape has something for every listener. Their song entitled Say You Will is a lyrically poetic record with motivational, triumphant yet pain-felt messages about following dreams and the struggle getting there. Songs like Rush of Blood to the Head display David’s alluringly gruff vocals and clever metaphors, while Crash Extended pours nothing but good-sounding contemporary smooth jazz into the hearts of listeners.

What makes this band amazing is that they literally offer an enjoyable music experience for every listener. There is certainly something on the album that listeners of all ages can relate to and enjoy. This band consistently has that “moment” when their energy is so transitive that it mesmerizes live crowds and fascinates listeners at home.

Check out Mammoth Mixtape and Time and Chance here!.


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