Get the Scoop on Camplified Tour


CAMPLIFIED TOUR was founded in 2001 and has completed 11 tour seasons thus far. Now the national branded music tour for summer camps, is celebrating its 12th seasons and is looking for artists to submit! This opportunity provides musicians tour exposure in captive settings for their band, innovative perks for their fans, and social media outlets all bundled together by CAMPLIFIED!

With the help of Here.Here LLC, Primary Wave Music company and many other sponsors, CAMPLIFIED is a great experience for first concert goers and new bands and artists who are looking for performing grounds. The past artists of the tours included Cody Simpson, Trevor Jackson, Savvy, 2AM Club and more. The age ranges from 6 to 17 and is an awesome outlet for teens and tweens to enjoy their summer with music. Campers get a celebrity, music and branded live concert performances, emerging bands or artists get to go on tour, perform on a festival stage and build their fan base. CAMPLIFIED tour was once coined “Lollapalooza for the Justin Bieber-loving crowd” by Billboard Magazine. It’s the perfect formula!

For more information, contact the founder of the CAMPLIFIED Tour, Aimee Berger at check out their website.


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