Polar Pair’s Remix of “Treat me like Fire” Spans Genres in this Hit


If there was any doubt as to the versatility of Lion Babe’s “Treat Me Like Fire,” Polar Pair certainly squelched it.

Fueled by the talents of M. Grossman (6Funk5) and N. Ravid (NDV), Polar Pair produces an eclectic variety of songs, tracks, and remixes across multiple genres. Most recently, the duo’s affinity for “Treat Me Like Fire” sparked their interest in producing a dubstep remix of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman’s (Astro Raw) scorching single. The product is positively infectious.

Those familiar with Lion Babe’s original version of “Treat Me Like Fire” will understand how Polar Pair’s upbeat dub interpretation flawlessly enhances the track’s smooth dance quality. Whereas the original oozes primal sensuality, powered by Ms. Hervey’s vocal prowess and an exciting rhythm, the remix promises an undeniably youthful and party-ready edge.

Not only does Polar Pair accomplish a cool, indie-to-dubstep transformation, but they also manage to keep what makes Lion Babe’s original so alluring. With tribal accents and a killer tempo, they introduce dubstep to “Treat Me Like Fire” while maintaining the powerful earthy vibe characteristic of its muse.

Listen to the “Treat Me Like Fire” (Remix) below:

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