Evil Dead Rips Your Emotions (and Favorite Characters) Apart


Okay, now horror movies today range from the mildly bland to over the top, to the deranged and gory to just plain scary. Director Sam Raimi who brought you The Grudge, Spiderman, and Boogeyman is coming full throttle with this remake from the 1980’s that has the classic tale of teenagers bonding together for a trip in the woods to help recovering addict Mia (Jane Levy) kick her drug habit for good. Unforeseen consequences occur when a curious best friend Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) reads from a book they find in basement underneath the house. The book ends up being the Book of the Evil One which evokes a demon that proceeds to terrorize these kids throughout the film. We say terrorize gently because its more like rip, shred, taunt and obliterate every which way imaginable in what becomes one of those films that is so disturbing at times that it’s hard to even stomach.

The premise of the movie plays heavily on these lifelong friends and a brother/sister relationship that gives much more emotion and depth to the characters we see in most horror films. Unlike its predecessors that has spawned endless counts of demonic movies (Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Last Exorcism), Evil Dead relies solely on topping each crazy, chilling antic with a more gruesome one and doesn’t have any religious counterparts or undertones. For audiences seeking just thrills, little storyline and an endless array of gore this is the movie to see. I wouldn’t categorize it on the same level with films like Paranormal Activity in being able to actually evoke a fear in its audiences, but it helps to get a few spooks over popcorn.

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