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Hitting Repeat: Spring Breakers


Spring Breakers burst on the scene commanding not only it’s audiences eyes with the skimp and scantily dressed Disney starlets Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, but their ears with a “spring-tastic” soundtrack that mirrors the movies dark themes and undertones. When you think Spring Break, you think wild, craziness, drinking, and rocking out to your favorite soon to become summer hits.

Director Harmony Korine chose an eclectic mix from Britney Spears to Gucci Mane and even Skrillex which were included in the movie trailer that had critics wagging their tongues long before the movies most recent March release. Electronic musician Cliff Martinez added heavy instrumentals Pretend It’s a Video Game and Your Friends Ain’t Gonna Leave With You that balanced out with the crazy ambiance  of Skrillex’s Ride Home and Park Smoke. The movie itself is filled with so many artistic party scenes filled with boobs and beer that the music actually makes the key scenes in the film less “Girls Gone Wild” and more “Get the point?.”

Heavy hip-hop favorites like Gucci Mane’s Young N*** and Wacka Flockas F*ck  this Industry occur at the heavier parts of the film when the girls are truly descending into the risque characters. This is the background music for some of the more violent scenes with the beauties wielding guns and accompanying James Franco on his conquest as an underworld gangster. The heavy lyrics and rhymes match better with the movies overall concept and message versus contemporary hip-hop you find on the radio.

Most blankly put, intense music for an intense movie that will rock your brain and your senses and leave you scratching your head just a tad as your get on the vacation roller coaster that is Spring Breakers. Check out the movie in theaters now and the music online on Itunes!

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