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Nikki Williams: Music’s Hot New Edge

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The beautiful thing about music is its cosmic ability to transcend cultural and ethnic boundaries. When we heard of this new pop phenomena with unparalleled vocal talent, we were pretty impressed to say the least!

Nikki Williams is a new young talent who has enriched the music world with something edgy, sexy, and mesmeric. She has fiery red hair, tenacious sex appeal, and a fierce aura that is not only entertaining but fascinating.

If you’re saying to yourself, there’s something exotic, maybe even especial about Nikki Williams, then your instinct is correct! Nikki Williams is originally from South Africa. She and her family relocated to Nashville, TN. when Williams was a young child. The turmoil and mayhem of post-South African apartheid caused the family to search for safer ground, which they found here in America.

Nikki admits to having difficulty transitioning. She found a coping mechanism through the art of songwriting. She was such an amazing writer that she sealed a deal with Sony ATV in her junior year of high school.

At the age of 21 and in pursuit of a musical career, Nikki moved to Los Angeles, California. It was there that Island Def Jam’s Breyon Prescott overheard Nikki beautifully lulling in the women’s bathroom of a nightclub. Breyon waited for this ‘voice’ to emerge from the powder room, and the two connected almost immediately. Now, the world has the opportunity to know Nikki Williams as a true artist with undeniable talent.

Nikki’s fearlessness reinforces her plausibility as an artist. Think about it this way: listeners are rarely awed by habitual, ordinary artists that are comparable to other musicians. Listeners can always point out who an artist is influenced by, but the  artist’s ability to leave impressions on the world is often difficult to do. However, Nikki Williams is the breakthrough artist who can and will make it happen. Her new song “Glowing” is a festive record that shows her vivacious side. She sings, “A million hearts, but you’re the only one/You locked me up like I’m glowing in the dark/I’m in your heart, you’re the only one.”

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