Rachelle Spector’s New Single “P.S. I Love You”


Rachelle Spector, the wife of famous producer Phil Spector, recently released her new single, P.S. I Love You. She claims that this song is based on love letters written between her and Phil during the past four years of Phil’s nineteen-year sentence for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson. However, Rachelle makes many claims about this song and its video. She says on her website, “This song is from love letters that my husband and I wrote back and forth,” and that the purpose of the song is to show her husband “in a more sympathetic light” and as “a human being,” that it pays homage to him and symbolizes a devoted wife.

She stated that she wrote it about Phil losing his father at an early age and losing his son to leukemia, and that this song is a spin-off of To Know Him Is to Love Him. How many reasons does a woman need to write a song? The result of so many motivations is a single that lacks direction and purpose. The message is unclear, leaving the listener unsatisfied and a little confused. In fact, the lyrics even become slightly graphic as Rachelle describes the death of Phil’s father, singing, “Your daddy…took the radiator hose and rolled the window up / Started the engine, let the smoke fill the cabin / Then he was gone.” Perhaps this song began as a loving tribute to Phil Spector, but it lost its focus somehow, becoming an amalgamation of dramatic information and generalizations.

Musically, the single is intact and glowing. It exhibits Rachelle’s soft, soaring voice and Phil’s style of mono recording. The song is also successfully similar to Phil’s hit To Know Him Is to Love Him, incorporating the groovy sound of the late 50’s.

P.S. I Love You will be included on Rachelle’s new EP, which is set release later this spring. All six songs on the EP are in honor of Phil Spector and are recorded in his famous mono recording style. Aside from Rachelle’s single and EP, the Spectors are also receiving a lot of attention because of the new movie, Phil Spector, which recently premiered on HBO. This film stars Al Pacino and is directed by David Mamet, depicting the dramatic events during Phil’s murder trial. Despite the public’s negative feelings toward Phil, Rachelle still hopes her EP will reveal his lovable character and that their federal appeal will eventually lead to his release.

Watch Rachelle’s single, P.S. I Love You

Image Source: Photos by Chris Smith


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