Single Review: ‘Stormin’ – Nick Miller & The Hustle Standard


What do you get when you mix a classic rock sound, western attitude, and lyrics that encompass the feeling of failure and wrongful actions? You get something truly amazing that sets itself apart from other pieces of the same genre.  That’s exactly what “Stormin'” is and it doesn’t fail to impress.

Right from the start of song, it gives off a western vibe that sets the tone for rest of the song.  The song itself is about outlaws, or criminals, doing wrong in their lives—possibly killed someone—and realizing that there’s no turning back for the actions they’ve done. “We ain’t been angles, we both done wrong. We ain’t been angles for way too long,” are the chorus lines that shout some sort of regret for whatever actions took place, and the instrumental parts of the song complement the verses to near perfection.

The guitar was probably one of the cooler aspects of the piece with little distortion being used and happened to be the most prevalent part of the entire piece. From the five notes played throughout the verses to the guitar solo, it made for a fun and bad-ass feeling. Granted, the same can’t be said with the drumming.  While it was still enjoyable, the drums sometimes sounded louder than everything else in the song which tended to slightly muddy a couple sections—there may have been a higher dB (decibel) on the drum track specifically. The plus is that, even with higher drum amplitude, it did not take away from the quality of the song.

“Stormin'” is a fantastic listen and is great for anyone who listens to rock, pop, or country. The influences used in the song truly bring it to life and make it into an original piece that can stand on its own next to larger singles.

You can purchase “Stormin'”, along with the EP (The Brave Abraham Judah), by Nick Miller & The Hustle Standard from iTunes and Amazon MP3.


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