Album Review: Citadel’s Self-Titled EP


Justin Chapman of Citadel is all about musical freedom and collaboration in his new self-titled EP, which is set to release on May 7.  This album, which consists of four original songs, was born of Chapman’s desire to break free from the expectations of his fans and peers and to record something fresh, which is exactly what he did. Teaming up with other Philadelphia artists Lucy Stone, Will Lindsay, and Geoff Vanover, Chapman created something original.

“Heartstrings”, the first song on the album, sounds reminiscent of the band Owl City because of its heavy use of synthesizers and its electronic sound. Also immersed in this song, is a deep refreshing rhythm and melodic solos that bring to mind artists like Ingrid Michaelson. This song creatively combines these mismatched sounds and forges a new approach to collaborative indie music.

The next song on the EP, titled “Stand Next to Me,” takes up a new sound, introducing playful whistling solos, clapping, and bouncing rhythms. At times, the groovy bass tone and falsetto voices even resemble Michael Jackson’s famous sound.

Then, completely shifting gears, “Theta” slows things down from playful and funky to dreamy and smooth. This track features no voices, but rather consists of lovely string instruments weaving together to create a whale-song-like composition. Unlike the exciting songs before it, this one is calming and suggests the quiet, open mysteries of the ocean.

Finally, the EP ends with “Weight of the World”. This song pulls together the album with a more popular sound, mirroring that of Leona Lewis and Kanye West. While this song has a pop-like tone, it stands out among current radio hits because of the heart and musical passion that inspired it.

Chapman set out to exceed the expectations set before him, to work together with other artists simply for the love of music. With his album Citadel, he definitely succeeded. This team of musicians produced four innovative songs, each displaying its own personal tone. Like pieces of a puzzle, these songs together form one beautiful, creative picture.

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