Artist on the Rise: Dwntwn



Dwntwn is a dreamy synth-pop band based in Los Angeles. The members include lead vocalist Jamie Leffler, Robert Cepeda and Jerrod Bettis. The band’s EP, The Red Room, came out in November 2012. Out of the four tracks on the EP, “See My Eyes” and “Stood Me Up” were the most popular among listeners on Lastfm.com and YouTube.

The group is very active on their Tumblr and Twitter pages, sharing playlists, photos, performance dates and track releases with their fans. Dwntwn has also been active doing shows in California: throughout April, the band put on free shows in Santa Monica. The band has also recently collaborated with alt-pop avant garde artist Jhameel and electronic artist Giraffage for the song Move Me. Some indie artists similar to Dwntwn include Frances Rose, Carousel, St. Lucia and Foxes.

Though the overall lyricism of the EP is on the dark side – unrequited love, loneliness, etc. – the electro-pop sound quality invites listeners to dance rather than brood. In “See My Eyes,” the lyrics explore the painful dynamics of an unhealthy relationship: “You lost me to explore/It burns me to my core/You’re tearing down my door/I keep on coming back for more.” Still, the repetitive lyrics layered with electronic beats keep the sound light and danceable.

Stood Me Up” is similar in content and sound. The lyrics explore the pain of giving time and emotional energy to someone who couldn’t care less: “I spent too many lonely nights/Despair held me down/You love me when you’re not around/Think it turned out alright.” The words are bitter and self-defeating, echoing pain and a sense of giving up. The lyrics also touch on the idea of gaining strength from pain: “Needed to fall/To stand on my own”. This gives the listener a more in-depth examination of love and loss. You may hurt out of loss but you also learn to depend on yourself.

The video for “Stood Me Up” was released February 19 on YouTube. Watch it below.

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