Citadel’s Justin Chapman Talks About New Music Platform, FeedbackLoop


Justin Chapman is a man with a master plan. He’s a record producer, musician and businessman.

With a constant need to fuel his creative energy and a passion for independent artists, Justin decided to formed Citadel, a collaborative project with several of talented singers and songwriters. Recently, Citadel just released their self-titled EP, which blends live instruments, heavy synthesizers and indie-pop infusions.

Along with his musical endeavors  Justin created his new company. FeedbackLoop (born January 2013) is a platform that uses subscription revenue to fund music and other creative projects.  Independent artists out there should definitely take advantage of this opportunity! Fellow Phildaelphia native Minka, electro-pop artist W.C.Lindsay and Indie pop songbird Lucy Stone all have projects on FeedbackLoop.

Last week, we talked with Justin about creating FeedbackLoop, the challenges of social media, his newly released EP, and the beauty of working in the music industry.

On being a musician and record producer and the challenges of social media:

It’s way easier to get “discovered” in the sense of someone seeing your name and maybe hearing part of a song, but way more difficult to make a meaningful, lasting connection.”

On starting his company, FeedbackLoop:

“I started the company after being frustrated that so many of the amazing bands and musicians I knew were having a tough time making a decent living. It really just prompted me to take a good solid look at what was going on, and try to get to the root of the problem and fix it rather than creating another band-aid.
Our business plan is still half-finished, and will probably always be. We know what our mission and goals are internally, and we don’t plan on seeking outside money for now, so we’re just putting all our resources into the legwork and getting things done.”

On three important things to know about FeedbackLoop:

“[Number one], we want to help you. That’s why we’re here. [Number two], in order to help you in the long term, we also need to provide a valuable service to our listeners as well, hence duration and filtering. [Lastly], we fund a batch of new artists every month. Please send us demos. If they don’t fit well with one month, we keep them around to consider for subsequent rounds.”

On coming up with the name:

“We can’t trademark feedback loop [Laughs].”

On his working and finishing up his band’s self-titled EP, Citadel:

“Citadel is a project comprised of myself and several other artists in Philly. As a producer I get to work with a lot of really talented people, and I wanted a way to write music with them in a different context than a typical band/producer relationship.”

On his future music and business plans:

The plan is to make the process of creating and distributing music healthier. We are going to do as a business whatever we need to to make that happen.”

For more information on Justin Chapman or FeedbackLoop, go here.


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