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Jazz, Rhythm and Blues Needs Miles Bonny


It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard a jazzy fresh, multi-talented and multi-faceted R&B artist. Not only is Miles Bonny an amazing singer, but he is also a trumpeter and music producer. This Renaissance man exudes an all-encompassing realm of smooth, placid rhythm and consummate blues.

The New York native has been establishing himself as an artist and musician on the underground hip-hop scene since 1999. One year later, he co-founded a group called Sounds Good with rapper Joe Good. He later worked on collaborative projects with other various underground artists, allowing him to build a solid fan base and a strong network of artists and producers.

Bonny’s passion for musicianship led him to launch his own record label. In 2005, Innate Sounds was created. Specializing in Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Soul, the label is a fusion of clever musicians, rappers, DJ’s, and producers.  Bonny, among other artists such as Reggie B. and Phase One (to name a few), represent the label, and they do it quite well.

Bonny is a successful independent artist who is certainly giving Hip-Hop and Jazz an exhilarating new flavor. Miles Bonny is like your favorite dish that you’ve wished you had more of. Miles’ voice is what we call soulfully baritone. After listeners have one taste of his music, they’ll undoubtedly become a fan.

Bonny’s latest album, Supa Soul Sh*it (S3) is enticing from beginning to end. It sounds and feels like a continuous jam session in which each song is certainly different from the next, and the transition is close to impeccable. “Yes I Do,” a single from a previous album entitled Closer Love, is still a favorite amongst fans. This record in particular is a love song that appreciates the simplicities of a strong romance built on trust and amity.

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