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Five Go-To Movies for Date Night


Whether it’s for the first date with a potential match or just a lazy night in with the BF/GF, picking a movie to watch can be tough. If you enjoy the company of your date, then it’s unlikely that a bad movie will ruin the night. But there are still some factors to consider: What kind of mood do you want to set? How comfortable are you with the other person? To help you out in your decision-making process, here is a list of the best go-to date night movies.

1. The Notebook

This film will go down in history as the quintessential date night movie. The Notebook combines romance and tragedy, and will have you misty-eyed before you can say, “If I’m a bird, you’re a bird.”

Some alternative tearjerkers include: Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Out of Africa, A Walk to Remember.

2. When Harry Met Sally

Humor is universal; it’s something that everyone (guys and girls) can appreciate. So if you’re not into gushy movies, we suggest a Rom-Com like When Harry Met Sally. This film will entertain all viewers with its witty dialogue, and will set a fun tone for the rest of the evening.

Alternatives: Sweet Home Alabama; My Big Fat Greek Wedding; Say Anything; Crazy, Stupid, Love.

3. Scream

Scream may not initially sound like a good choice for date night, but watching a scary movie has its pros. With things popping out left and right onscreen, you’ll have no choice but to curl up next to your date and shield each other from the bad guys. Note: make sure your date doesn’t get too freaked out. Having a panic attack may put a damper on the night.

Alternatives: Evil Dead, Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

4. Gone With the Wind

In the past few years, thousands of movies have been released, most of which are valid contenders for a date night. But sometimes, it’s better to go old school. Films like Gone With the Wind (originally released in 1939) are remembered today for a reason: their stories are timeless. Hearing, “I never want you to be anything but completely happy,” certainly made dates swoon in the 1930s, and that line hasn’t lost its touch since.

Alternatives: Casablanca, Some Like it Hot, An Affair to Remember, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

5. Finding Nemo

Even though movies like Finding Nemo appear to be aimed at children, they are still enjoyed by older audiences. Disney and Pixar films often include subtle humor for adults, and give them a chance to relive and reminisce on their childhood days. Watching with a date, you’ll be inclined to talk about what movies you watched as a kid, which will lead into discussion about where you grew up, what sports you played, what you did for fun, and…voila! You’ve learned more about your date watching a kids movie than you would over a grown up night of dinner and drinks.

Alternatives: Shrek, Monsters Inc., Toy Story 3, Up.

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