The Top 10 Songs for Summer 2013


Ah, Summer. A time for long walks on the beach, roasting marshmallows by the campfire, traveling to new and exciting places and, most importantly, listening to good music. Music is that magic formula enhancing everything we do, and, when you love it as much as we do, it’s a no-brainer to put it at the forefront of your summer experience. It can be the soundtrack to a summer romance, the entertainment getting you through those long car rides, the reviver of good moods, and the bearer of burdens. That being said, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 songs for all that this summer has to throw at you.

1. Phosphorescent – “Ride On/Right On”

After getting their start in 2001, indie rock band Phosphorescent has delivered six albums, two EP’s, and appeared in numerous compilations, all under the leadership of frontman and vocalist, American singer-songwriter Matthew Houck. “Ride On/Right On” is the third track on Phosphorescent’s 2013 album Muchaco, but carries with an old-school, mellow vibe from the 70’s or 80’s. With its cool electric guitar sounds, adventurous spirit, and Houck’s unique, raw vocals this is the type of song made for a road trip.

2. Smith Westerns – “Weekend”

This upbeat jam has the energy needed to carry listeners through countless weekend adventures. Chicago indie rock band, Smith Western, released this song as a single in 2010; it later appeared on their album Dye It Blonde in 2011. With a tune that begs you to sing along and beat that won’t let you sit down, “Weekend” is perfect for all those unexpected twists and turns that the summer has to offer.

3. Lana del Rey – “Young and Beautiful”

Off the soundtrack for summer film, The Great Gatsby, Lana del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” showcases her impeccable vocal talent, while giving listeners a heartfelt song perfect for any low-key summer night or relaxing summer day. This beautiful track is brought to elegance with a medley of string instruments and aptly placed percussion, flawlessly enhancing Rey’s own powerful sound.

4. Daft Punk and Pharell Williams – “Get Lucky”

The epitome of a good times song, “Get Lucky,” released spring of 2013, has everything needed for a exciting summer night. With its unbelievably catchy beat, light-hearted, high-spirited energy and lyrics that you’ll sing along to by the second verse, the best word to describe this song is happy. The combination of Daft Punk’s electronic, dance vibe and Pharell’s vocal accompaniment makes “Get Lucky” a must-listen for summer 2013.

5. Foxes – “Echo”

Foxes’ 2012 single “Echo” offers a unique combination of honest, meaningful lyrics alongside an infectious beat and an up-tempo vibe. Originally formed in Oxford, England in 2005, Foxes give audiences a taste of their indie pop rock style with this catchy single. Good for any occasion from working out to driving in the car, to getting ready for a party, this single’s versatility is part of its appeal, and makes it perfect for your summertime journeys.

6. Mumford and Sons – “I Will Wait”

“I Will Wait” has the pure energy and absolute musicality that we love from Mumford and Sons, while adding such power that gives chills. The leading track on their second album released in 2012, Babel, this track has quickly become this British folk rock band’s most successful song thus far. And for good reason; it has the depth, the vibrancy, and the romance that audiences crave, and we just can’t get enough.

7. That Work – “Act Like You Know”

Straying from the norm, That Work’s 2012 single “Act Like You Know” is all techno and infatuation. The new age funky, electronic sound of this single has us hypnotized and wanting more. Perfect for spending the night dancing and sharing the company of good friends, it would be a crime to leave such a unique jam out of any summer playlist.

8. Alt- J – “Fitzpleasure”

Opening with folksy “tra-la-la’s,” this track off Alt-J’s 2012 album An Awesome Wave quickly takes on an entirely new personality when heavy guitar strums and a powerful bass suddenly take charge. These constant fluctuations throughout the song, makes it a one-of-a-kind listen and demonstrate the unparalleled style of the English indie rock quartet. For those looking for something a little different to spice up their good time, you’ve found it here.

9. Graffiti6 – “Stare Into The Sun”

The psychedelic Graffiti6, formed in London, England in 2009, released their popular single ‘Stare Into The Sun” in spring 2012. Against the backdrop of chiming percussion, rocking drums, and an alternative, fast-paced beat, his song highlights the talent of lead vocalist Jamie Scott, and puts out a fun rhythm with elements from a medley of genres and styles to make a universally-appealing sound.

10. Chance the Rapper – “Favorite Song” (feat. Childish Gambino)

Finally, we’ve included a track off Chance the Rapper’s new 2013 mixtape, Acid Rap. A relatively unknown artist, Chance brings with him a unique voice, smart lyrics, and versatility. “Favorite Song” is a jam with an up-tempo, party-ready beat and musicality that comes not only from the quality production, but also from Chance’s voice, as he flawlessly employs it as an instrument to enhance his sound. For those who appreciate rap and hip hop music, we anticipate that you’ll have this song on repeat in no time.

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