Breeze Embalm Gives a Face to “The No Faces” in His New Video



You have probably heard of people with “two-faces,” but have you ever heard of the people with “no faces”? Breeze Embalm, winner of the John Lennon songwriting contest for hip-hop, brings to light a whole new term in the video for his new single, “The No Faces.” Produced by Joey Keys, Breeze Embalm’s video brings his words and the meaning behind them to life. Embalm’s song dares listeners to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask if they are really being true to themselves.

“The No Faces” speaks about people who mindlessly follow the crowd and let social norms influence the way they live their life. The video uses different grainy filters and colorful effects to create a vintage feel. The camera is virtually always in close-up on Embalm’s face, except when the scene changes for the chorus. The video shows Embalm senselessly wandering through an average, blue-collar American’s everyday life and how the repetitiveness and can slowly make a person go crazy.

Breeze Embalm and Joey Keys were able to collaborate to make a music video that gives the words of the song new meaning and understanding. Breeze Embalm is challenging people to look into their souls and question whether they are living for themselves, or living how other people say they should. Embalm’s song, “The No Faces,” coincide perfectly to intrigue and challenge the listener to change the way they see themselves and the world around them.

Watch Breeze Embalm- “The No Faces”!


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