Broken Anchor Brings A Fresh Sound to Indie Music


frsh lemon

Since their humble start in Los Angeles, indie band Broken Anchor has been working non-stop producing three EPs. One year later, the band has finally reached the moment they’ve been waiting for: the release of their first full-length album. Fresh Lemonade is set for release August 2013, and the indie record is sure to please fans, while attracting the attention of new listeners as well.

Produced by Brad Gordon, the album starts with “Always,” a track whose guitar and instrumentals take the stage. “Never Leave Me Alone” brings a fun, retro feel, with a beat that makes it difficult not to tap your feet and bob your head. Baeble Music accurately describes it as “packed with a retro rock cadence and a chorus worth learning.”

If you happen to take a road trip to the country up north this summer, “Canada” is definitely one to be included on the playlist. That single  is arguably the album’s catchiest song. Even if you don’t make it to Bieber’s homeland, the track is still a great tune to play at any summer function.

As you progress through the album, some of the songs tend to blend together due to their similar beats and vocals. Each song has a unique sound, especially “My Marie.” When you listen to the track, you may mistake the studio-recorded song for a live performance. The first two minutes are purely instrumental and perfectly constructed, but not artificial.

At times, Austin Hartley-Leonard’s vocals are strikingly familiar to John Rzesznik, lead singer of The Goo Goo Dolls for the past 28 years. His somewhat rustic voice is powerful yet soothing, expressing the emotions in the songs with intensity.

 Great things take time, and Broken Anchor has proved that with Fresh Lemonade. A year since the band’s debut, this first full-length album has solidified Broken Anchor’s place in great new indie music.

For more information on Broken Anchor, check out their website.


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