Encore! Encore! Films in Need of Sequels


What happens after the hero wins? Is happily ever after enough? Sequels answer these burning questions that leave an audience intrigued and begging for more. They push a story further, letting us see what happens after the camera stopped the first time, and show us that “the end” is never really the end. Here are three films that need answering.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:  Many remember this classic 1986 film about the greatest day of hookie ever. Ferris (Matthew Broderick) and friends borrow a Ferrari, have lunch at a fancy restaurant, go to a baseball game where Ferris catches a home-run ball, and even sing in a parade. The film had such great potential for a follow-up, and television attempted to capture Ferris’s antics in the series “Ferris Bueller,” but the show only lasted one season. While putting Ferris on T.V. might have been too much, a movie sequel about Ferris’s college days would be much more entertaining. Ferris would have grown up a little, but he’d still be young enough for his wise guy tricks. Perhaps the movie could be something like Ferris Bueller’s ‘Spring Break.

Aquamarine: Known more largely to teenagers, this 2006 film depicts two pre-teen girls, Claire (Emma Roberts) and Hailey (JoJo), dealing with Hailey’s upcoming move to Australia. The girls find a miracle on a stormy night a few days before Hailey has to move: a mermaid named Aquamarine (Sara Paxton). The girls must help Aquamarine find love so that she’ll grant them a wish, and they wind up befriending her along the way. In the three days the girls have together, Aqua doesn’t find romantic love, but learns that friends can love too. Hailey decides that she needs to be fair to her mom and move, and the girls keep their wish to use later. And that is where the sequel should pick up. The three could reunite in Australia, using their wish to send Claire over, and the audience would get to see how different the girls have become while apart and how their friendship has held up.

The Replacements: In this 2000 sports film, the Washington Sentinels football team goes on strike, and the owner calls in an old coach, Jimmy McGinty (Gene Hackman), to recruit replacement players. The team, led by quarterback Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves), is tasked with winning three out of four games to get the Sentinels to the playoffs. At first, the team has trouble getting along, but they eventually start playing as a team and go on to win. The movie ends with Coach McGinty telling the audience that nothing came from these players’ second chances as professional players, but an audience cannot accept that. The way the team plays together and the fact that many of them showed extreme talent would be enough for teams or agents to draft them. A sequel would show the men after those four unforgettable games, what really happened to them after, and if they permanently replace any players.

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