Jam of the Week: T.A.N’s “Kill Me Where I Stand”


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The group of emcees T.A.N can be added to the list of upcoming talented youth. The three local rappers (Garic “Cast” Cooper, Rod “Spade” Hodges , & Khary “Kovu” Dickerson), band together to make T.A.N, which is short for terrorism, aggression, and nonsense. Even though the group started on March 28, 2012, it has undergone some major changes.

It started with the name, which used to be F.G.E (Fatal Gang Elite) and shortened its list of members, from 5 to 3. The remaining members have changed their name stage names to what they believe to be more meaningful. Kovu gave his thoughts on the changing of names. “FGE was too elementary in our minds. The names were shorter and more meaningful… Cast- shortened from Catastrophy, referring to the team definition and a play on his favorite video game….Dream Cast. Spade, from Merciless Rod, is the shape of most shovels and he has claim to dig deep on issues in his life. Kovu, from kharnage, in the Swahili language means scar, scars bring pain and pain caused me to understand life a tiny bit more.”

The emcees have begun their transition not only through names, but in their music as well. Like many of their other songs, “Kill Me Where I Stand” is a track defining the group and their ideals. T.A.N is one for defending their ideas about the world and life in their music. “Kill ME Where I Stand” represents each member of the group and how their bond keeps them together. A small piece of each member’s personality and life story can be heard in their verses.  The loyalty to their group and vision can also be heard in this track. “Even though, I’m Kovu, we all scarred/ All stars who ball hard for one cause/And being signed ain’t over T.A.N,” says Kovu in the beginning of his first verse. The metaphor “if my flag ain’t T.A.N, kill me where I stand” represents just how strongly the guys feel about their music and brotherhood.

Aside from the clever lines and the stories behind the lyrics, “Kill Me Where I Stand” is supported by its catchy beat and music. The beat marries the music and lyric together to create this outstanding track.

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