Nice to “Meet Cute” You: Memorable Moments in Film


We’ve all dreamed of the day we meet “the one.” We’ve seen it happen a million times in movies. Boy and girl go to a school dance. Boy stands on the right side of the room; girl on the left. They look up, lock eyes, and from that moment unfolds a magical love story (entertaining us for roughly 90 minutes in high definition). This classic moment in film is called the “meet cute,” and has been executed in different means throughout movie history. To be remembered, a meet cute should be charming and creative. When it comes to meet cutes, we think these movies did it right:

Singin’ In the Rain

This unconventional –and somewhat dangerous –scene occurs just after the character Don Lockwood is hoarded by a crowd of fans. Kathy Selden mistakes Don for a criminal after he leaps into her car to escape the mob. Naturally, the two don’t immediately hit it off, but this witty meet cute raised the bar for films to come.


The movie begins when  Sara and Jonathan, each shopping alone in Macy’s, reach for a pair of cashmere gloves. As they walk away, they realize they’re holding the same pair: the first meet cute. What ensues is a chain of multiple meet cutes across time, bringing Sara and Jonathan back into each other’s live again and again, giving new meaning to the term “destiny.”

Annie Hall

“Hi…Well, bye.” We’ve all been there before. The awkward meeting between Annie and Alvy after a shared tennis match is a bit cringe-worthy, often relatable, and definitely laughable. While most people may not wish to engage in such an uncomfortable situations in real life, it makes for an enjoyable moment onscreen. And we can’t help but to smile and fall in love with Annie a little bit ourselves.

101 Dalmatians

What makes Disney movies so special is their abundance of memorable moments, for young and old viewers alike. 101 Dalmatians is no different. In the adorable scene, a Dalmatian named Pongo tries to find his owner a girlfriend. His plan seems to go wrong when the humans fall into a pond, but humor saves the moment when they laugh over their soaked handkerchiefs and give one another a chance.


Also a product of Disney, this short but charming film captures the wonder of love at first sight. The unnamed characters meet at a train station, when the young man’s paper accidentally blows onto the woman’s face. Her red lipstick stains the page, the only remaining trace of their meeting. The 6-minute film is essentially one extended meet cute, with the characters finally meeting again at the end. Paperman has no dialogue, it needs only a soft score and a little Disney magic to make it sweet.


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