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In Persistent Pursuit of the “Endless Summer”: A Review of G-Eazy’s Seasonal Hit



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“I had a dream of a place where the sun shined bright/Off in that endless summer…”

So sings guest vocalist Erika Flowers in the hook of “Endless Summer,” a cool, throwback-esque hip hop track from up-and-coming rapper G-Eazy. Flowers’ soulful voice sets a fascinating tone for the haunting summer tune.

Juxtaposed with Flowers’ sultry hook is G-Eazy, a talented 24-year-old whose catchy rhymes seamlessly meld humble and self-aggrandizing sentiments. Lines such as “I work for this life nobody handed this over/Close to my goals but I’ll have to get closer” coincide with “Every album’s killing like ‘Can he get colder?’”, creating a slightly dissident but inarguable charming persona. The “Endless Summer” Flowers and G-Eazy sing of, it seems, is a metaphor for fame and simplicity earned by hard work and the steadfast pursuance of dreams.

Beyond its larger implications, the track is simply a great piece of music. Fittingly, “Endless Summer” samples from perennial surf-seekers The Beach Boys, as G-Eazy alludes to in his second verse: “They say I’m nice with it I’m just doing what I can/I chopped up the Beach Boys and made it to a jam.” G-Eazy’s beats and Flowers’ hook combine with the melodious sample create a 90s-era sound.
Perhaps the most pleasantly surprising aspect of “Endless Summer” is the lack of vulgarity. Sure, there are some less than savory lines (which we won’t post here), but the song is overall inoffensive. It contains less than half of the foul language, alcohol and drug references, and misogyny overwhelmingly present in other hits. It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.
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