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“We are The Cure, meets Vampire Weekend, meet U2, meet The Killers. Gloom pop.”

California-based rockers, Night Riots, (previously known as PK) has had one hell of a year. These guys just released their new EP, Young Lore, last month (7.30.2013) and ever since then tracks like “Spiders” and “Young Lore” were featured on NYLON Guys, MTV Buzzworthy, and FUSE TV. This new project is a great follow-up to their 2010 debut, Into the Roaring. Night Riots is wiser and stronger than they ever were before. It’s no wonder Rolling Stone Magazine named them “one of the top 16 signed bands in North America.” Their music speaks for itself. We guarantee you that once you listen to any of their songs, you will instantly become a fan.

Luckily, I was able to score an interview with Travis Hawley, lead singer for Night Riots. We discussed the making of Young Lore, the reason for the name change and details on their upcoming tour.

Why the name change? Night Riots does fit your sound: carefree, messy, fun, mysterious. How did you come up with the new name?

The name change basically came down to some legal stuff.  More to avoid future problems than anything pressing.  When we started thinking of new names we wanted something that could really represent us and our sound.  Night Riots was one that just kept appearing and made the most sense.

Your new album, Young Lore is out now. How does it feel? Have you grown on this album, lyrically, mentally and emotionally?

I really think that we’ve finally figured out who we are and have begun to develop a sound that is our own.  When you’re beginning as a band you are influenced by your favorite artists.  The more songs you write the more you are able to diverge from your influences and carve out something that is unique.

Are you guys planning on doing a tour?

We will be spending the majority of the Fall touring around the Pacific Northwest, Southwest and West Coast.

For those who may not know who you guys are (pretty sure those folks are living under a rock!), how would you describe your musical style?

We are The Cure, meets Vampire Weekend, meet U2, meet The Killers. Gloom pop.

How does it feel to be 100% creative with your work, and have as much control as you like? Many bands do not have such luxury. Is it like a blessing and a curse?

It is definitely both… we control everything, but it means that we also have to do absolutely everything.  It can get overwhelming sometimes.

What’s next? Any visuals? New collaborations?

We have a ton of stuff up our sleeves.  A few music videos, some covers, and we are also busy working on new music.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Give us a chance, and check download a free track at nightriots.com.


If you haven’t checked out “Young Lore,” listen to the track below.

Connect with Night Riots:

Website: http://nightriots.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nightriots


Purchase your tickets today!

UPDATE: Driver Friendly will be joining Night Riots on some dates.

Aug 29th: House of Blues, Anaheim, CA

Aug 30th: Martini Ranch, Scottsdale AZ

Sep 2nd: The Ten Eleven, San Antonio, TX

Sep 3rd: Parish Underground, Austin, TX

Sep 4th: Fitzgerald’s Basement, Houston, TX

Sept 5th: Lola’s, Fort Worth, TX

Sept 7th: The Vanguard, Tulsa, OK

Sept 10th: Marquis Theater, Denver, CO


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