REVIEW: The Apparells Rockin’ New EP Reflections



ApParells The Apparells are debuting their stunning new EP, Reflections, a six song collection worthy of hours of soulful jamming on Rockband.

The Apparells formed in Scotland in 2011, their members hailing from both sides of the river of Clyde. The Apparells are: Lee Cuthbertson (Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar), Paddy McBrearty (Rythum Guitar Backup Vocals), Stephen Mccartney (Bass), and Jay Murray (Drums). The Apparells are signed with Twin City Records.

The classic rock band are undaunted in challenging political and societal discrepancies in their song “Ghetto Home.” The Apparells are contemporary and edgy in their use of lyrical persuasion, eliciting higher-thought from their listeners, forcing them to ponder the incongruities of the nation; not a one-trick show pony, The Apparells are a great band to unwind with. Their use of rhythm guitar progressions and rich instrumentals lull listeners into finger-snappin’, foot-tappin’ bliss.

Reflections is an outcry of artistic expression of the human condition.

You can listen to The Apparells here.


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