The Venetia Fair is Really into Karaoke


1456012_10151846135191546_401704417_nTo most people, karaoke is about possessing the courage to stand in front of a group of strangers and attempt to sing your favorite song. Some people nail it and sing word for word, while others may remember one phrase.  As for indie rock band The Venetia Fair this is how they created their new album, The Venetia Fair…Basically Just Does Karaoke.

After opening a Kickstarter to fund their full album Every Sick Disgusting Thought We Got in Our Brain, the band entitled six donors to each choose a song for them to cover on their next album. Subsequently the band reached their campaign in only four days, but with a very diverse collection of songs to cover.

The music spanned from classic rock of Queen to the modern day Green Day songs. The band was skeptical of some of the music, but was up for the challenge. And instead of just remaking the same music they added their own twist to each record.

This is an ingenious idea for an indie music group. It’s also a great campaign to really find out who’s listening to your music. It’s almost the opposite of what hip-hop acts do. Most rappers often release a mixtape with a collection of their covers to popular songs. They upload it to the internet and allow users to download it for free in exchange for self-promotion but also loyalty. The Venetia Fair may have started a new trend for other indie artists to follow but not everyone will basically just do karaoke.

Album Track Listing:
1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
2. Come on Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners
3. Rock Lobster – The B52s
4. Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day
5. Camouflage, Camouflage – The Blood Brothers
6. The Willing Well III: Apollo II: The Telling Truth – Coheed and Cambria

The Venetia Fair’s new cover EP, “The Venetia Fair…Basically Just Does Karaoke” is now available for sale and streaming at http://thevenetiafair.bandcamp.com



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