Mel Alston Jr.

Mel Alston Jr. Goes “Purple” On His Premiere


Mel Alston Jr.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, rhythm and blues singer and songwriter Mel Alston Jr. released his official video of his smash hit single “Purple” on February 22. Coming a long way from his first mixtape “Waking Up Vol. 1,” Alston began his journey in music as a child learning how to play several instruments including the piano, trumpet and trombone. He then attended Howard University where he played the trumpet for the Showtime Marching Band. After graduating from the university, he began to act and sing in local plays, which began his interest in starting a solo career. Limerence Magazine is ready to hear more from Alston considering that his debut “Movie Muzik” will be released this March.

“Purple” is the first single off his forthcoming mixtape “Movie Muzik.” With sultry and passionate lyrics, Alston paints a vivid picture of being with his dream girl in a blissful world. With soft beats and smooth rhythm, Alston has his audience dream of passion and the true meaning of love. To make the song more eloquent, Alston starred in his own official video with his dream girl appearing and disappearing in different scenes.  With more than 500 hits on Youtube, “Purple” is slowly making its way to the music scene.

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