The City Sound, formerly known as The Artillery, is set to release a new album on May 19. However, this is just the first of a total of three albums that The City Sound plans to release this year. While using the name The Artillery, the group produced music for 12 years. Due to the leaving of one member and the later addition of another, the group has donned a new name.

The reasoning behind it, according to the group’s guitarist and vocalist, Dean Danger, is simple. “It wouldn’t be fair to continue calling ourselves something we no longer were. To put it simply, we were different,” Danger explained. The City Sound, who have opened for bands such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Johny Craig, Emery and Alien Ant Farm, hit the ground running with the first of their projected albums, Volume One.

The opening song, which serves as the band’s first single, “Keeping Me From Me,” begins on a quiet, melancholic note, but opens into an explosive beat of drums and guitar.

“Break the Mold,” as the name implies, is a rock anthem for freedom and uniqueness. One of the most poignant lyrics cries, “Draw the line, redefine, it keeps us alive on the inside.” In “Almsman Circuit,” a chant begins to rise, as the band repeats, “I just need a little bit of change to pull me out” to the tune of an infectious drum beat. The theme of change, and keeping oneself unique in today’s world truly shines through in each of the songs on the album.

In “Live It Again,” they declare, “We’ll do whatever it takes to make our voices be heard.” “Just Like Everyone” is not quite as powerful as the others, but the message that this track carried works well with it. It highlights the trap of following fads just to fit in and losing oneself in that.

The City Sound’s upcoming album definitely accomplishes its purpose. The theme of standing out and refusing to become trapped in the monotony of society is apparent in each of their songs, and the result is an empowering album that inspires the listener. Volume One works because the fierce rock of the tracks melds well with the rebellious idea of standing out from the crowd. What really makes this album inspiring, though, is the fact that the rebellion called for here isn’t just for people willing to break the law or dismiss all of their friends; the rebellion here is just to be unique and make your own path to follow. Listen to “Keeping Me From Me” below!

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