January 3, 2019

The Perfect Guide To Best Facebook Post Size: The Need To Know The Instructions Before Uploading Several Images

In a world full of social media, images and videos play a very important role in determining a social media page, be it Facebook, twitter or instagram. For the best image resolution, there are certain criteria’s that need to be determined and acted upon. While uploading a specific image, the entire picture should comply with the total size that must be uploaded, or else the image would not be uploaded. However, when social media marketing isdone, the image size keeps on changing and new resolutions are introduced, keeping in mind the changing times and the fashion. Therefore, what is the best Facebook post size? Which is the most suitable of all sizes that is compatible with this social media platform?

What are the Criteria’s for uploading good pictures on Facebook?

For any Facebook post, a good picture can say it all. But what if the picture fails to get uploaded and show an error sign. That is totally a matter of disappointment. Therefore, here are certain picture sizes that seem to fit and is the best while uploading a Facebook image.

  • For a cover photo, the size is 700*300 pixels
  • For a profile photo, the size is 300*300 pixels
  • For page post links, the size is 1200*600 pixels
  • For page post offers in desktop, the size is 250*130 pixels
  • For news feed posts, the size is 600*800 pixels.

Does Facebook post size matter?

Facebook post size does matter and is crucial in the entire approach to social media. For any media platform, post size is important and therefore, it is mandatory to know the rules before uploading or posting anything. However, one can educate themselves by reading the rules page before doing the same, so as to avoid any confusion during the operation.

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